Merging planned activity with completed activity

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Just started using Xert and it looks like an excellent tool for the self-coached athlete, especially one who rides/runs outside a lot.
To my question:
I have a planned bike commute (and also regular runs) that I have flagged as a favourite activities so I could add it as a planned activity to give me a guide as to my XSS and help me plan appropriate training for the week ahead.
I did this for today and then rode that route.
The ride data has synced successfully from Garmin into Xert but the planned activity is still on my Planner.
Is there a way to ensure that Xert knows I have completed a planned activity like this and automatically replace the planned activity with the completed one or do I have to manually delete the planned one every time I complete it.

Thanks for any help and advice in advance.

Planned activities will expire based on the time scheduled but never performed.
By default the As Of time under Goals is set to 11:59pm which is also the default time for a workout selected or activity dragged to the Planner. In this case the activity will disappear by the next day but you could also edit the time for the activity added to the Planner so it will expire earlier in the day.
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Thank you ridgerider2.
Makes sense