Marking the activity so that it is not included in the signature calculations

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Does XERT allow activity labeling in such a way that it is not taken into account by the fitness signature?

Maybe I’ll explain what’s going on.
Due to my certain blanket adopted early this year, I am “punching” meters vertically on the BigRingVR platform.
I have become a fan of XERT for over a month :slight_smile:
And now I do so that while training in the “XERT” application on my smartphone, I pair “BigRingVR” with the power meter and I have two activities, but from ONE ride.
I also use these materials to compare the readings of the power meter and the trainer - but it doesn’t matter here.

And now the question is whether having two “parallel” activities can I mark one of them as “do not take into account fitnees signature in the calculation”?
I have tried to flag the activity, but it doesn’t seem to affect what I’m trying to achieve.

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I take it your BigRingVR rides go to Strava and you sync Strava with Xert. If you turn off sync from Strava to Xert and change that into from Xert to Strava, you will have two entries on Strava, but only one on Xert.

That way, you can compare your readings and don’t mess up Xert. However, you should not start the recordings at the same time, b/c then Strava won’t have it and mark it as a duplicate.

Start the activity on the Xert player doing your warming up and then start the BigRingVR recording after that finishes.

So there is no way to exclude any activity saved in “XERT” (whether imported from BR, TR, Rouvy, Strava etc.) in such a way that it would not be taken into account for calculating fitness signatures?
The only way out is to remove it from XERT with the “trash” symbol?

At first I thought that flagging an activity would make it not counted by XERT for calculations, but I was wrong. Despite being flagged, it is still included in the XERT stats.

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Flagging should exclude it… check the XSS and focus for the activity you’ve flagged. Should be 0 - is it?

Today I had a “breakthrough” during training and indeed when I did “flagging” the signature was converted (at the top of the website with TP, HIE, PP, LTP) and it does not take into account the increase in TP.

But flagging doesn’t seem to work as it seems to me, because despite setting the flag, the stars glow yellow. When I removed this duplicate activity, the stars returned to blue.

Oh - XSS in such flagged activity is still displayed for me - please look at the screenshot.


Actually checked and it’s the same for me - you can still see XSS and it seems to count towards TL… but it definitely excludes that data for signature purposes e.g. try flagging your last BT activity

I’d actually just delete one of the workouts each time, or change your sync directions as suggested by @Cyclopaat

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Flagging prevents an activity from affecting signature calculations. It doesn’t negate all stats.
If you have duplicate activity you need to remove one for Xert to work properly.

One would not expect a data analysis platform to support stuffing the ballot box with duplicate votes. :zipper_mouth_face:

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The reason I did not get back to the OP’s flagging of the ride, was b/c, well… you found it.

No, there isn’t. Except for deleting it.

Reversing sync is your best option, lest you will lose one of them and cannot compare sources anymore.

BTW, I don’t know your sources, i.e. PM’s. If there is a (significant) difference between the two, i.e. more than a few Watts, see if you have the possibility to adjust some settings.

For example, I have a Tacx Neo 2T, which I use a my baseline. I also have Favero Assioma pedals, used only outdoors.

The pedals are reporting lower than my Neo and the Assioma app has the possibility to adjust for that, so I did. Not all PM’s have that possibility.

Once you’ve figured it out, you might want to stick to only trainer rides on Xert and only PM rides outdoors and sync those to Xert.

Additionally, if you use a Garmin head unit, you would best sync that to Xert (Garmin Connect to Xert) and have Xert sync it to Strava, so you get the nice Xert metrics on your Strava ride.

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