Maintaining training status

Hi all. Is there a way to calculate how much XSS per week I’d need to maintain a certain level of training (e.g. 3 stars)

You need 75 XSS per day (or 525 XSS per week) to maintain a training load of 75.

Have you seen this table of how much training load you need for each star?

0 Stars – Untrained: Training Load < 25
1 Star – Recreational: 50 > Training Load >= 25
2 Stars – Trained: 75 > Training Load >= 50
3 Stars – Competitive: 110 > Training Load > 75
4 Stars – Elite: 150 > Training Load >= 110
5 Stars – Pro Level: Training Load >= 150



Just throwing this in for the sake of discussion…

To take this exercise one step further, you can assume 60 XSS/hr for most endurance pace activities (assuming no coasting/stopping for coffee :wink: ), so a TL of 120 would take approximately 2 hours of endurance riding per day just to maintain. But most HIIT training will accumulate > 70 XSS/hr, which can help reduce the weekly time investment.

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Thanks Mike. I had seen that, I guess I never made the link between cumulative training load and maintaining that training load.

Presumably if I set to Maintaining it will be based off my current training load (say 60) and prescribe enough TSS via XATA to generate an average daily strain of 60 TSS?


Yes and No. Xert will keep your TL relatively constant, but it won’t always distribute your training evenly for every day (e.g. 60 XSS/day). Instead, it looks at where you are relative to the improvement rate over the last 7 days (rolling window). For example, if you tend to ride longer on the weekend, you’ll have workouts with greater XSS recommended and if you tend to take a particular day of the week off, Xert won’t increase your training deficit very much. But the end result (assuming you follow the training recommendations) will be to follow the selected Improvement Rate.

@ManofSteele Always wondered why you use short window, I would think at least with my lifestyle, that an average that looks over a few weeks would be more indicative for me. I wonder if there is a setting maybe that can be used choice of the look back window for recommendations.

(Regular guy, not training for anything in particular and life events that just vary from week to week for example two days of travel in a particular week gets you the wrong set of recommendations for the next)

We do use the past several weeks to determine the usual training duration, as briefly explained above - if you ride long on weekends, Xert will tend to recommend longer training on those days.

7 days is a fairly logical window - most training programs are based on a weekly microcycle. If you’re away for two days on travel, then in order to meet your selected Improvement Rate, you will need to train more on first couple of days back (or build up a surplus before you leave by choosing longer/harder workouts). Otherwise, the IR must be decreased or you’ll be carrying a training deficit.

If in a situation where a user has a very high deficit, it does attempt to spread out the deficit over several days, rather than having you make up a large amount of XSS in a single training session.

Ok, so my usual pattern/times is determined by a few weeks - but the immediate need is dictated by past 7 days… that makes more sense.


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