LTP vs Zone 2 training

I understand I should train in Zone 2 (in Coggan’s model) to improve my aerobic efficiency. LTP is 20-30W into my Zone 3. What are the pros and cons on doing endurance rides in Zone 2 vs at LTP?

LTP isn’t zone 2 in a coggan 6 zone model. Just do your zone 2 endurance rides 20 to 30w below LTP.

Thanks, but what is LTP used for in training?

I’d highly recommend that you watch the video tutorials.

Thanks, I have watched all nine videos twice.

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LTP won’t to fall into the same traditional zone for everyone, but for many it’s close enough for training purposes. As @oldcyclist65 says you can use it as a limiter and stay below it.

When I follow phased progressions (TED set), workouts selected from recommended lists during Base phase are all in the endurance quadrant. Traditional TiZ ends up like this (tabulated at


There are a number of Z2 level workouts in the workout library.
Use Filter and select Endurance under Focus.
If you wish to stay in LTP range consider entries with a Focus of 1:00:00 and higher.
Below 1:00:00 will include workouts with a variety of intervals that can rise to threshold level. However, all are considered “endurance” in Xert since activities with Focus 20:00 minutes or higher fall into that quadrant (Sprint Time-Triallist through Triathlete).

Here’s an example of someone riding LTP-centric during a base period then validating improvements with a BT effort to update their signature followed by top results in a ZRL A race. :astonished:

That is way above my league. I don’t compete but I have gotten fitter and faster with Xert.
I have ditched TiZ and tracking zones. Xert’s 3-level strain model has been working well for me.


Well done. Once was enough for me :wink:

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LTP in your case is higher intensity so more strain per hour (pro), but also likely more recovery needed (con - depending on phase and objective eg probably ok for base especially indoors, but not what you want if doing an intensity block)… so just monitor your recovery and general feeling if you plan to do a lot. I wouldn’t be trying 4 hour rides at LTP though - probably too hard

I’m not a sports scientist though - there may also be some differences in relative contribution from energy systems… but from what I’ve read I think if you are far below TP it’s still mostly aerobic, so differences are likely small, and remaining the issue is potentially ‘just’ fatigue (also mental / psychological). Adding some (low) z2 brings variety as well as easy mental days, which can help

Really great interview with Dr Iñigo San Millán, coach to Tadej Pogačar. He makes some very relevant points. My ears really perked up at the 9:40 mark. In short, he says that, in a zone 2 workout, it’s best to stay in zone 2. If you mix it up with higher intensity intervals, your metabolism gets pushed out of the zone where you want it to be, and the effects last for 20-30 minutes after the interval ends. He says save those intervals for the end of the ride.

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Yes have seen that, and it’s interesting… but for the sake of clarity that’s a very different point to the OP. The question was about LTP vs z2, not high intensity (above threshold) vs z2. In the video he also says needing to put a bit more power and letting HR go a bit above zone eg for short hills is OK in a z2 ride, so probably ok to go up to LTP in endurance rides