LSCT - Lambert Test with Xert

I would like to use LSCT test, which was described by Scott Steele in the linked article to track my performance changes. I wonder how to set up Xert workout, so it can guide me through the test. I would like to be more sophisticated than putting sticker with this test protocol on my stem :wink: I will appreciate any ideas!

Hi @rogowskiwo !

There was a user in our Facebook group that had a similar idea back in 2020… IIRC, he had used 40 XSSR, 75 XSSR, and 120 XSSR as the 3 intensities for the test and that generally resulted in an HR response of ~60% HRmax, ~80% HRmax, & ~90% HRmax.

Update: I found the exact thread:

β€¦β€œyou can try the LSCT with your current Fitness Signature riding 6min30sec at 40 XSS per hour, then 6min at 75 XSS per hour, then 3min 120 XSS per hour. If this felt too easy (you could reach and keep your heart rate at 60%, 80% & 90% of max heart rate) then your Fitness Signature possibly underestimates your true Fitness. If your heart rate overshoots the prescribed targets when performing the stages at 40, 75 & 120 XSS per hour then your Fitness Signature possibly overestimates your true Fitness.”

Something like this should work pretty well:

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Thanks for the hint! I will use it :ok_hand:

is that file in the workout directory accessible to all? I tried to search for it but can’t find it.