Loving the new Beta Remote Player

I tried out the new beta remote player this morning whilst watching the Lake Garda video playing.

Two words…


Thanks for the fantastic developments you are making with Xert.

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Great! Glad you enjoyed it!

Curious … how does one see the beta remote player?

I saw images and it is transparent, looks more practical. Hopefully it will be available soon, as I will ride outdoor only in a week or two.

You sure you saw transparency?
That would be interesting if they can pull that off.
My searches for Google Chrome hacks or add-ins to enable transparency fell flat.
Perhaps they can control it on the backend.



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Is this getting closer to release?

I’d love to try the beta.

wow I cant wait to have this layered over netflix

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Xert team, when to expect release?

@jfcharland @danny79 till lots of testing going into this, no firm ETA at this point. We want to ensure a smooth experience for everyone.


Hi everybody… I love testing beta releases, how can I access it?

+1 that would like to check this new feature, in my case i will use that above Zwift :smile:

Also available to test as a beta user if more users are needed, i’m already using Android beta version as main one without problems so far and working nice with my Tax Neo.

Also interested playing beta guinea pig

Me too! Weird it’s been in beta for so long though.

I wrote on this topic on facebook forum 2 days ago and no answer from Armando yet. I remember that It was released in a spring for beta testing, so I expected/hoped that it will be released till autumn. Its approaching so I wonder too, when it will be released and if more users could join beta.

Love the enthusiasm!

We’ve spent a good chunk of the summer working on some alternate projects, but will be returning to finish the player in the near future!

Hey, 4 months since last post. How’s that beautiful remote player coming along? Can’t wait! Thanks for all you’re doing.

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Hi, any news on that?

I’ll also take news on that :slight_smile:
Although I can not stress enough that I’m happy with xert as is!