Loading all of strava data to Xert

I have recently started with Xert and find that only a subset of my years strava data has been uploaded to Xert? Any reason/remedy for that?

Hi Philip - if you go to your Sync > Strava page and update the date range to year-to-date, for example, you’ll see all of the unsynced activities appear. Once you tick the box in the upper left corner of the list of activities, and select Sync, all of these will be added to your Xert profile and your signature will be updated. Your activities weren’t added previously because it looks like you were on a free account, which limits sync and analysis to 1 activity per week. Your activities will sync now, however, but if you have any trouble let us know.

I cant sync my activities from 2016, any ideas?

Seems like I was only able to sync to 99 activities, the rest is not added. Maybe something to adress?

Hi Anders. Can you give us a URL to an Strava activity that is not being picked up?

I cant find any of my old activities from 2016 except the 31 dec. I guess there is an explanation to that.