I can't import old data from strava. Am I missing something?


I deleted all my activities from my account so that I can start with a clean version. The details and motivation are probably boring, but I am explaining in an endnote below. The bottom line is that it looked like a better idea to delete and import everything than deleting and resynching the problematic activities one by one. Also, it is done now!

The problem is that the strava sync dialogue does not allow me to sync anything older than February 2018. I read the FAQ here http://baronbiosys.com/avada_faq/synchronizing-older-strava-activities/ and a few similar questions like here Loading all of strava data to Xert but there isn’t anything helpful.

I could import the fit files manually (I tested it) but then those rides have no metadata (e.g. names) so to locate something old I will have to first find it in strava, note the date and return to xert.

I am well aware about strava’s api throttling and that you have to break the process in smaller e.g. 2-3 month long chunks and I don’t mind.

Is February 2018 a hard limit on how long back we can sync to strava or did I hit a glitch? Any chance I can get all my historical power data on xert from strava?

Many thanks


PS: For the curious, my data were a bit messy. Garmin has rubbish data (duplicates, with spikes, with uncalibrated or wrong sources of power etc). Strava had better but still not good data but the best meta data (names, descriptions, gear etc). GoldenCheetah was in the mix too.

The past week with the help of fitfliletools, Strava API and GoldenCheetah json ride files i managed to clean up all my 7 year old data with power and have now synchronised uniform databases locally and on Strava.

Instead of painstakingly looking individual activities among thousands of those in xert, I thought I would delete all my data and hit “Sync with strava” and get the awesomeness of xert in all my data history.

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I don’t think there is a date limit like that.
If current activities are syncing fine and the issue isn’t caused by something new with Strava’s API (which is always possible :wink: ) I suggest you file a support request with support@xertonline.com.
Could be something has to be changed on the backend.

Thanks for replying. The date range picker widget on that page has a 1098 days ago as a limit for the start date which is the problem. This UI limit can be bypassed with a debugger and xert will happily sync older rides. I will point that out to support@xertonline.com as you suggested. I can’t see any reason for the start day limit. On the other hand a range limit may be useful as strava API is not always happy reruning hundreds of rides at once.