Kill the hill - proper athlete type

I would like to improve my best time on the local hill next spring. The climb is relatively steep and consistent with 15-20% gradient, so the space for sophisticated pacing strategies is limited :wink: My current PR is 9:13 min, so I consider taking GC Specialist (8 min power) or Climber (10 min power) as an athlete type for this winter Xert training program. Do you see any substantial pros and cons of choosing one of those over the other? Which one would be more suitable for my target?

Hi @rogowskiwo , are you a Strava Premium subscriber? Have you ridden this segment before?

If so, Xert has some cool features that might help you conquer this hill next spring :slight_smile:

Hi, Scott. I ride this hill on a regular basis, but I am not a Strava Premium subscriber. Anyway, I am very interested to learn more how Xert can help me in my little challenge :muscle:

Can you find an activity where you pushed yourself on that segment?

You can click & drag on the activity to narrow the selection to that particular effort - notice the Focus Duration in the data table… what does it say?

That’s a good start, but the duration of an effort isn’t always going to be equal to the Focus for the effort. The exception to that rule would be a constant-power effort to failure… for example, riding exactly at your 5 min power for for 5 min straight. The more stochastic/variable the power data for an effort is, the greater the likelyhood the focus will be lower than the actual duration of the effort. To give another example… even if a sprint time trial is ~20 min long, the Focus of the Time Trial will almost always be closer to 10:00 (though it will, of course, depend on the topography of the course - flat v. hilly, etc.).

TLDR: depending on the exact layout of the Strava segment, I wouldn’t be surprise to see a Rouleur Focus when analyzing your previous attempts.