Is it possible to have multiple breakthrough in a ride?

I performed “Xert Fitness Test for Breakthrough Version 3” yesterday and I received a gold breakthrough crowd goes wild.

What I found interesting is, in the first half breakthrough set, I had the remote player open and drew down my MPA to show 300 while cranking out at 400-450w for 30s-1min. I assumed this was a lock to get a breakthrough. I then achieved a breakthrough as well in part two which I was awarded upon upload.

What I am confused by is why it shows that my MPA did not in fact come down as it appeared on the remote player/xert EBC app. This has me wondering if I can achieve multiple breakthroughs in one ride? I am just trying to understand what happened here.


Yes, more than one BT is possible of which only one matters for the final adjustment to your sig.
To see this in action, view details for that BT activity, click on Previous button, and zoom in on the areas where the MPA drawdowns occurred. You’ll see where one BT event was more significant than the other.

The app has your signature before any BTs occur and can register BT events, but sig adjustment doesn’t happen until the activity is uploaded and analyzed on XO.

Also see Multiple BT section here – Breaking Through the Xert Way! – Xert (

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I’ve always thought those breakthrough reports and pictures after the signature adjustment are kinda not helpful. You don’t actually see the breakthrough in those just that your signature was adjusted to make your MPA line touch your power line in one spot. That’s what the current correct signature is: the three values that best make your MPA line touch the power line but never cross it in a maximal effort activity.

The pictures with the old signature and the MPA line crossing the power line (sometimes more than once) and for long times or more than just a few watts those are in my view much more telling of what happened, how you broke through and proved your old signature wrong.

After the adjustment as shown in the breakthrough report they kind all look the same to me. You see how long it took to draw MPA down and how long MPC was close to the power line but the breakthrough is already calculated out by adjusting the signature. That of course is what a breakthrough has as a result, a new signature. To make the theory (signature) fit the reality (breakthrough activity power values) again with MPA never crossing below power.

Thanks for this. I was wondering the same thing. When I look at the activity itself I still see the same thing however? There is not much I remember from this hard effort but I do remember having to clear the screen where I think it said I had two BT’s (the first message was for sure a BT), perhaps I interpreted the second one as a BT message and it was a near BT? Does the system provide near BT messages that look very similar to BT messages? When I’m that deep I was impressed I figured out how to clear the message (just touch it). I know there was for sure 2 as I had to clear them so I could continue to see (although very fuzzy due to eye bulge) the workout metrics.

View activity details, click Previous button at bottom right, and see how you performed against your pre-adjustment signature. Click Current and note the changes where MPA now doesn’t cross the line.
Here’s an example from a BT activity in my past.

Pre-adjustment (Previous button) –

Post-adjustment (Current button) –

You can locate all your BT activities by viewing the Activity Table and sorting by the Breakthrough column.
On outdoor rides you can zoom in and pinpoint exactly where your BT efforts occurred on the map.

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Oh SNAP!!! Every day mind is blown. So much to uncover in this app. I’m generally of the “if you don’t know what it does don’t press it” mentality, but clearly I’m going to have to play more.

Thanks for taking the time, this is great.


“Oh snap!” for sure!!! Thank you so much for the explanation(s). Like Chris, I was cross eyed during the effort, so thinking back was not very clear but I was fairly certain I had two. I would never have thought to hit that “previous” button near the bottom of the activity (I would’ve guessed it would take me to my previous activity). This is great info to have as I analyze my future rides. Thank you!

Here’s a pic after pressed “previous”