iPhone App Release

Hi, i know its been asked a lot, I’m just asking as my trainer road and sufferfest subscriptions are finished and if the Xert iPhone app will be ready soon it means i don’t need to re-subscibe to the others, or buy an Android.
thanks Armando.

Hi Paul. We are hard at work getting the iOS app ready. Most of the work these days is making sure all the little things work correctly. Our goal is to have it ready for winter training season. Of course, you can always export your rides in TCX/ERG format and run them on various other training apps for the time being.

thanks Armando

Armando, will the iOS version be able to control smart trainers via Bluetooth, or do you suggest using ANT+ instead?

Both although ant adapters may be hard to locate.

Even better. Thanks, Armando.

Any update on the iOS app, it’ well into the winter training season here?

In Apple’s review process. Won’t be long.

Any Beta testers Needed. Of yes, count me in

Me too for beta testing :slight_smile:

Thanks but not seeing any sensors (Bluetooth) in the app. Wahoo Kickr/rpm/Tickr. iPhone 8.

Try updating the app to (67) and let us know if there are any improvements. Thanks.

For me at least, build 67 no sensors on iPhone 8 / 11.2.1, but OK all sensors connected on iPhone 5 / 10.3.3

Of course, you are sure the sensors weren’t already paired? (Need to ask).

Thans, Will test asap when back from business trip and report feedback

I Will test both on ipadpro and on iPhone SE

There may be an issue with 11.2.1 and the BT library we are using. Looking to get some answers. For the time being, avoid the upgrade if you can or if you’re fortunate enough to have a second iPhone, use that instead. Our app runs wonderfully, even on the old 4S and even in the background with Remote Player support running.

Great, I can use the iPhone 5 for as long as necessary, looking forward to a workout tomorrow

Hi guys. If you need more testers I’d love to help and try it out.

I did yesterday first test: i have smart trainer, bpm and cadence via BT. I did workout on iPhone SE. IT worked rather good, however maybe 8 times I assume lost connection with my whoo kickr, no resistance and timer interval pauzes toen and starts again once the 2 communicate again.

This happened however much more frequent compared to training via BT in Zwift for example. When I do a training in Zwift of 2h for example I onlangs have 1-2 drop-outs in Total. Those trainings I did however on ipadpro, Will do next test on iPad.

What I could not do, and which I hopen was possible, is to run both Xert and Zwift at the same time via BT. Is that possible?. IT Sems that sensor via Bt van onlangs connect once? I was planning to run Zwift on iPad with xert on iPhone taling control of my smart trainer