Include running and swimming in my training load?

I train for a triathon and I practice running and swimming in addition to cycling, do you know how can I include these activities in terms of XSS in my xert training please ? I record these activities with a heart rate monitor but I wonder if the results will be good by importing these activities and using HRDM? Thanks

The usual consensus is to only sync cycling to Xert or use different profiles (for other power data base sports mostly with their own power signatures, like running or rowing I believe) and use the freshness feedback slider in your bike profile to tell Xert that you’re not as fresh as it might think because of other training stress.

I’d still like to have both to compare the results. Still not sure if that is possible with the current profile feature. I’m not brave enough to try, since my current profile works quite well for my special use case (couch potato doing one or sometimes two Xert workouts a week and not much more).