Importing wowrkouts into TrainingPeaks

New user here… I’m exporting smart workouts, but when I try to import them into TrainingPeaks it does not seem to recognize the format. Is this supported?

Hi Carlos,

Welcome to Xert! It appears that TP (and Wahoo devices) have a difficult time parsing our files, so workouts exported from Xert aren’t currently supported by TP.

Xert players are the only workout players to utilize the SMART nature of the workouts, including variable duration/power intervals, as well as the curved XSSR intervals. Try it out!

But finished workouts with Xert Players can’t be synced with Training Peaks,Garmin, Apple Health, etc.automatically, or, only with Strava?
to be honest, it is tedious to do all this File Sync manually, is there no other way?
i want to move from Trainerroad to Xert, but this is still a main thing for me!

There were some issues earlier, but all is sorted

Currently I download the .FIT from Xert then upload to TrainingPeaks. No problems doing this but its obviously a bit less convenient than an auto-upload. In fact I think Xert is the only s/w or device where I have to do this…

You should contact TrainingPeaks. They are the ones to address it. We don’t license their trademarks (unlike pretty much everyone else) at the moment which might be a constraint for them. We don’t use any of their trademarks or methods to calculate these values in our system.

You are right, in day of this everything synced automatically, but i understand Xert too, you need resources to implement.
I requested a Xert implementation for the RunGap App (it is a easy one pay App of arround 5USD) and with this App you can import workouts of the most recent platforms and resync to them like Garmin, TrainingPeaks and so on

Isn’t that an ios only app? Wouldn’t it make more sense for an ios and android app to be incorporated?

Sorry, i am new to iOS and haven’t cross checked if the App is available for Android too :-\

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If you’re on the RunGap Testflight, you can check out the latest test version. :wink:

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very good News, a Invitation Code for TestFlight i have to request at RunGap?

EDIT:received TestFlight code, but there is only an Option to Import to Xert and not to export, will this option come too?

for Android you can try Fitnesssyncer: Xert integration with FitnessSyncer FAQ - FitnessSyncer Support Center
an Option you tried?