Is there Garmin to Xert sync issue?

my morning activity yesterday was syncronised fine, however, since yesterday afternoon none of my garmin activities are being imported to Xert. i have tried to refresh on the web page but i get an “popup from Xert saying activities requested from Garmin could take 6 hours”, i tried again today and the same, i have also tried to disconect and reconnect to Garmin both via Xert and via garmin connect but no luck. is this a Xert or Garmin issue?


Gleiches Problem bei mir.

I too have a noticed my garmin activities are currently not syncing as of today. Garmin to Strava is ok. Garmin device to Garmin Connect ok. Just Garmin to Xert is not currently working :frowning:

Yes. Same here. @xertedbrain: are you guys aware of this?

They are likely aware by now, but has anyone reported the issue to

We’re aware and investigating.

If you’re dying for your Xert analysis (as I know you all are :wink: ), you can manually upload the .fit file from Garmin into Xert.

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Here the same problem. No synchronization Garmin to Xert. Please solve this issue

Everyone on this thread, kindly create a 10 second recording on your Garmin. Save it and let us know whether it appears on the system. If it doesn’t, send the Garmin Connect Activity URL from Garmin Connect to

Sorry for the inconvenience.

It’s not just Garmin to xert it’s happening with strava to xert too.

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Ok. It was a tricky one to locate by it should be resolved now. You can manually upload missing activities or use the Garmin Connect page to retrieve your activities from yesterday. You may need to unlink/relink your Garmin Connect account if you attempted this before.

Thank you for your patience and apologies for the inconvenience. As always, send an email to with details if you encounter any additional issues.


Thanks Armando,
I can confirm that it is resolved for me. Xert received this mornings ride from Garmin. so I’m only missing approx 24 hours (two rides) from my Garmin. Which I’ll just manually add.

Thanks for your prompt reply, and amazing product.

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Synchro from Strava workouts failed since a week. Same issues as Garmin sync?

Syncing from Strava is working without issue. Double check that you have it set up correctly or send a note to