Importance of cadence

During a workout in remote player i see a suggested cadence in a green square.
In EBC i don’t see any suggestion.
I’d like to see every time the correct cadence to ride.
It is possible or cadence is not important for a correct workout?
Until now i always have considered cadence very important.

The CO gauge (Cadence Optimizer) on the Remote or Session Player displays your preferred cadence at torque.
It’s most useful to judge where to spin up to before a high watt interval kicks in when your trainer is under ERG control (AUTO).

Hi @fabrizio83 - the Cadence Optimizer is something that’s on the backlog to add to the EBC app!


So the idea of the training program is that i’m always free to ride at my favorite cadence?
Or for some wo is better low cadence and for others high cadence?
Where i could see the best cadence for each wo?

As mentioned, there are no cadence targets in Xert workouts, only watt (and MPA). The cadence is just a recommendation to you for the current power.

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