Cadence adjustment

I am finding when I do my sessions I find my cadence optimiser seems very high.
I feel that I am spinning too high in sessions and when I come off an effort it can take ages till I hit a slower cadence which sometimes I am straight back into the next effort.
Can I start to slow my cadence down and xert will relearn.
When I ride out doors I would never spin that high on higher wattages.
I do use bioshift though.

What model trainer?
Flywheel action with affect cadence potentially forcing you to spin faster than “normal” if you want to maintain any resistance while the flywheel spins down.
Otherwise, CO reflects whatever rpm you prefer at any given torque.

I believe you can file a support request at to have your CO profile cleared so you can start over. However, that will likely result in a similar profile with same trainer.
Ultimately, it’s an indoor vs outdoor issue.
Biggest CO advantage indoors is watching the rainbow gauge during transitions to spin up before the next red hits.

Its a kickr core.
I do like the idea of the CO but just too high.
I have just changed to Climber and CO hasnt changed so cant understand why im hitting high cadence with high (for me) power as this would never happen in the real world.

CO is a guide not a target to hit while riding intervals.
Ride at whatever rpm feels best during intervals. If that preference changes over time, CO will gradually adjust your profile.
Doesn’t matter what Athlete Type you select but rather what the watt target is for the interval.
Most cyclists spin a bit differently indoors vs outdoors, but the basic pattern is the same.
Low watts, low cadence. High watts, high cadence. Range varies by individual.
What rpm difference are you talking about? 8-10 pts is probably common.
I spin a bit faster indoors than outdoors, but my range is about the same (60-120). Max is perhaps 140-150 but I haven’t tried to do that in a while. YMMV

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I would be happy ro drop 8/10 points ,just concerned on Smart sessions it might not adjust the wattage,or is that only effected if you drop out the red zone?

The cadence optimizer doesn’t impact the performance of the workout at all!

The Cadence Optimizer simply looks at your historical relationship between Power & Cadence and makes assumptions about where your optimal cadence should be, given a certain target power. You’ll generally notice that as the power target increases, the recommended cadence also increases, and vice versa. If your interval is well below LTP, it doesn’t make sense to keep pealing near 100 rpm… in fact, that’s actually more inefficient!

Hope this makes sense!

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SMART intervals are tied to your fitness signature but not the cadence you ride them at.
There are a number of SMART interval types that will vary in function. RIBs (rest-in-between) intervals can also be SMART. It is the combinations that set Xert SMART workouts apart from all others.
For example, a dynamic power interval will micro-adjust target power if you undercut or overshoot target watts during the interval. Cadence isn’t a factor in compliance but riding at 90 rpm vs 100 rpm is going to feel different. The degree adjusted depends on how smoothly you pedal to sustain targets. You’ll experience a tug at the end of power duration intervals if you’ve been shy of the target or an easing of resistance if you’ve been slightly over target.
It’s not uncommon to spin a bit slower as fatigue sets in on a long workout or you may dial it up a notch when finishing a hard interval especially when close to failure.

If you haven’t already, I suggest you disable power smoothing on your KICKR if you want to see what watts you are actually producing.

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Thank you for your response,
I think i disabled power smoothing but will check again.
I sid a session last night and knocked cadence off by about 10 rpm and it was alot easier ,not that ive struggled but dont find it necessary to spin too high,plus the RIB is easier to control.