How to train with xert for my next event

Hi, I’m new with xert i already subscription for a month with xert for tracking my progress.

But I’m a little bit confused how to choose my training for my event, i have a targent event for next year at 18may2024

The route will be 100km total, but have a long climb 20km with average 6.1% gradient and 2.000m elev. Gain at finish

What athlete type should i choose for that event, and right now should i choose continues or stick with target event date for my training? Im 180cm and 84kg and have a plann to weight loss for now

surprised you haven’t got some replies on this. I’ve been on Xert for a year but can’t say I’m an expert on how to best explain what you should do. First off, put in your event date under “goals” tab. select target event top left then enter date below. Under that same tab, select what improvement rate you want. It’s based on how many hours you have available per week. Select different improvement rates then look below under projected to see how many hours you’ll riding you’ll need at that improvement rate.

It will take some time to figure out Xert, keep asking questions. If you’re new to cycling I wouldn’t worry about the climb at the end of the event. You’re going to want to ride at a steady pace and draft as much as possible then just empty the tank on the final climb. You could select “climber” as your athlete type to focus your workouts on that particular aspect of the event if you want.

Thank you for your response, i really appreciate it, i tried with target event date, and it will be pre-base untill january, if i choose climber, my training will focus on climber untill january right?

Actually, i have no target, because this is my first event… So i just want to finish as fast as i can, that’s why i try to train with structure…

Training with a Target Event Date, I think works back to only 120 days before the event. So, if your event is further away than that, you will be in the pre-base phase until you hit 120days before & then you’ll start moving through the training phases.

I make 18 May next year to be 215 days (well, Google does) so you have almost double the 120 days of training that a normal Target Event Date would trigger.
I would probably split that 215 days into two separate ‘target’ dates.

I am not saying this is the best way to do it, but I would probably set a target even date for mid-January and work on general fitness/endurance during this time with some other regular workouts thrown-in to keep things interesting.
Get used to riding steady over long distances, as well as planning what you should be eating/drinking & get used to doing that too on longer rides.
Then when mid-Jan comes around, you can set your target date which will give you ~120 days to go & Xert will follow the normal ‘build-up’ training plan.

I signed up to Xert last year to train for a gravel ride in the UK - 130km with 2000m climbing. I can’t remember what I initially set my athlete type to - I think it was Century Rider, but after a while changed it to Climber or GC Specialist. That was a better fit, I think.

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As other mention you have plenty of time to experiment and learn Xert before your 120-day phased progression is started by setting a TED (target event date).
See this article for details –
Training Right For Your Event – Xert (

Lots of newbie tips posted here – Beginner questions
Academy series videos are the quickest way to get up to speed – Discover + Improve + Perform
FAQs here – Support Home – Xert

Welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

Looks like you’ve been given some good advice. You have plenty of time to gain a lot of fitness before you’re event. Since you seem new to cycling, I’d work on understanding how to pace yourself over longer distances. Most people start out way too hard. You can use the LTP number as a good guideline for doing longer rides.