How to set trainer for a mixed mode workout

Hi to all,

is there a particular setting for a smart trainer (Tacx Neo) when approaching a workout like “a pain that i’m used to” that is flagged as #mixedmode?
Also i do lots of rouler workouts and i feel like when i leave in auto mode the trainer (ERG) it’s not always the right choice.

Thank you

Mixed Mode workouts are designed to be run in AUTO mode.
What happens on the Tacx Neo that makes you feel that’s not appropriate?
Are transitions to slope mode too abrupt?

Reference: What Trainer Modes Are Available in Xert’s Workout Players? – Xert (

Really it works fine, i just would like to know if when the trainer passes from erg to slope it’s supposed that i’ve to change % ore just have to work on shifts and cadence

I’ve added MIXEDMODE to the description of any workout that features both ERG and SLOPE intervals in the workout definition.

When the app is in AUTO mode, it automatically controls the transitions from ERG to SLOPE (at the pre-defined slope % in the workout designer). Works a treat, I love my mixed mode workouts :slight_smile:


Thanks Scott for the explanation on Auto mode and the slope%. Now I understand why the full gas intervales where ripping my legs off.

I really like the idea of Mixed Mode workouts, but actually think the current implementation doesn’t use the full potential e.g. the Ronnestad version has both effort and recovery in slope mode, which means loads of gear changes still (every 30/15 sec). I created my own with the effort interval in slope, and the recovery in ERG - that way there is no need for the gear changes (after you’ve found the one for the efforts). Also prevents too much recovery :slight_smile:
And in order to allow breakthroughs at the end (which would be curtailed by switching to ERG and dropping the power for the recovery interval, as currently implemented), I’ve made the first 30 seconds of recovery following the final step also in slope, so I can continue pushing beyond 30 seconds in case I’m feeling strong.

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HI Scott,
i use the garmin app and there is no AUTO mode.
Should i set the powercontrol on? I use pedals as powermeter source and the trainer i selected in the app as suggested by the guide.
Is this correct?
Thank you

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Hi Wes,
can you share your workouts?

Thank you

Happy to but not 100% sure how best to do it… there may be a shareme function in one of the coach sections… but so far have held off as there are quite a few ronnestad style workouts already, and they may want to keep it simple to avoid confusion… Let’s see what @ManofSteele suggests for that

I think if you used the workout creator it should be in the database.

Hi Andrea,

Correct, the Garmin app does not show AUTO mode. As long as you’re running the latest up-to-date version, the POWER CONTROL option serves as AUTO mode in the Garmin Player.


You may want to verify that you’ve joined the “Shared Workout Coach Community”. From there, you’ll gain a whole variety of user-submitted workouts in your ‘Coach’ tab of the workouts page.

@wescainei usually try to check in once a month to remove repetitive and/or poorly designed workouts.

Hi Scott.

where is thath i can join the shared workout coach community?

Communities > My Coach > Join A Coach

Find Shared Workout Coach Community and Join it!

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OK I’ve put it there now but it’s v similar to the other Ronnestad slope mode workout in the Coach community (not the one in the standard library), the main difference being the final recovery interval being slope mode as well, to allow for extending the breakthrough effort…
It’s called Ronnestad (mixed mode with no gear shifts)

I don’t have the stars or stamina to tackle Ronnestad workouts that severe plus my trainer (Halcyon) isn’t designed for shifting gears like that. Slope mode can be like hitting a brick wall. :slight_smile:
To compensate I have to quickly lower slope % and use cadence as the main control.

As far as modifying workouts you can copy any workout in the library, edit it using Workout Designer, then Save and it shows up under Personal workouts.
For example, modify slope % to a manageable level for your trainer and run your custom version of the workout when desired.
If you don’t change the name “(Copy)” is appended to the workout title so it’s easy to find when searching as your version of a particular workout.
If you are up to the challenge you can also design your own SMART workouts from scratch. :grimacing:
Advanced Workout Design using SMART Intervals – Xert (

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Having done my first mixed-mode workout recently (The Time is Now 120) and seen this trainer mode transition in operation I think it is a brilliant feature. Now I just have to get my head round building cadence and changing gears quickly in a 20-s sprint!

Awesome! What’d you think of that one? That’s one of our newer workouts. I included a 15s lead-in to those sprints so you can find a good cadence/gear before the short sprints - hopefully that helps! Switching to MIXED MODE might require a little practice on a few workouts, but I think it can dramatically improve users’ workout experiences - especially when it comes to supra-maximal sprints or repeated hard efforts (like Tabata’s, Ronnestads, Billats, etc.).

We’ve spent some considerable time overhauling most/all of our workouts with sprints in them and switched the sprints to be performed against a consistent 5% slope, so should make for a better experience rather than getting the ERG spiral of death if you’re unable to hit the exact interval target.

It was tough! but it’s one I will repeat soon to get more used to the mode changes. Initially I was still thinking the 10-sec lead in and sprint W figures were maxima rather than targets to smash through (my excuse is I was watching something on Netflix rather than just being a slow learner!). Out of interest, what mode is the lead-in set to - ERG or SLOPE - as I can’t see that stated anywhere on the workout designer and it passed too quickly for me to see in the event itself?

With the updates coming to the remote player, it will be easy to see the upcoming intensity, duration, and type (XSSR, SLOPE, etc) of intervals. If you’re running a workout using Xert EBC app on an android device, there is also a panel that indicates details about the upcoming interval, including Slope (%)…