How to restart with xert?


I’m back to Xert, after long months of free riding/training by feel outdoor and indoor. Yeah, I may need some assistance/motivation/planning to better improve.

I synched my rides since the 1st January of this year, to have a starting point with the training advisor.
The estimated values for my TP/PP/LTP seem a bit off : my PP is probably too high (929W), and my TP/LTP are probably too low (237W/190W). The suggested workouts look too easy to start : if I follow those, I will lose fitness ! The intensity is lower than what I’ve been doing during the Winter (for ex., even if I go in the library and check the “Hardness Test - Level 16”, this one seems feasible to me).

So : should I go for a fitness test before starting to follow the advisor ? Or should I blindly follow the advisor and hope that it will quickly adjust (let’s say, from a few days to a max of a couple of weeks) to more realistic values ? I believe that if I blindly follow the advisor, there will be no breakthrough any time soon for the system to adapt, as I’m in the pre-base phase.

PS : let’s ignore this message. I’m currently reading that post from @ridgerider2 that may give the answers…

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Welcome back @GoustiFruit ! We missed you.