How to manage a loss of 10 kg?

If all goes wellI’m going to lose 10kg in 3 month, so I’m wondering how and when to adjust my FTP so that the workouts don’t seem unachievable?
I had thought of adjusting it every 2kg lost, what do you think please? Example 210 ftp at 79kg = 2.66W/kg so I’ll lower my FTP to 205 when I’m 77kg.
Thanks for your help

If it’s “excess” weight then why adjust at all? Whack it on normal or higher decay, do a rinse out effort every week, you may surprise yourself

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I thought that my ftp would be wrong and that the training would be far too hard.

Unless you expect some level of muscle loss (doubtful) the main benefit will be an increase in W/kg across your power duration curve.
Climbs you struggle with now will feel easier and you’ll likely set some PRs.
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As @RobT mentions you could temporarily change decay to Aggressive to lower the bar quicker. Then execute a BT effort every week or so to validate your signature.


i would just let the numbers alone. if you can’t complete a workout worry about it then. re-evaluate after the weight loss. you might not be able to complete a workout due to lack of calories, not your FTP declining.

also that’s kind of a lot of weight for 3 months. you can do it but your training - especially the hard sessions, they are gonna be super hard or you won’t reach the numbers you’re used to.

after the weight loss though, see what numbers you’re hitting and stuff.

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