How to integrate workouts onto Zwift

Is there a way I can have selected workouts show up on my Zwift library? I’m a Xert trial newbie . Thanks

I guess this is what you are asking for?
There’s no way (to my knowledge) to get workouts in automatically. I used to do it this way but now I’m using the xert workout player instead and just disable trainer control in zwift.

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That seems to be the case. Using the xert player enables the smart workouts and you can still run Zwift in the background with no trainer control.
I wish there was a way to import workouts INTO xert: coaches with large libraries in TrainingPeaks or Zwift are hosed.

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Yep this is what I do, and it works really well.
My next challenge is using Slope/Sim mode with my Tacx Neo app while having Xert showing me interval progress (ERG off) and Zwift running in the background (ERG off)
Considering I use a CABLE, this should be possible.