How to import Xert Workout into Garmin 530

Hey guys, How do I import one of the file Format Xert support into my Garmin 530, so I can do the workout outside?

Not sure if Garmin ever fixed all the issues but here’s a thread from back in July –
Import a workout file from Xert into Garmin connect - Support - Xert Community Forum (

Option A (TCX export) is a bit tedious and only works for workouts without too many steps unless Garmin has fixed that problem with a firmware update by now.

Option B (Connect IQ app) allows you to run the workout as intended (including SMART workouts) but there are reconnect sensor issues when the workout is completed and you close the Xert IQ player. That’s not an issue indoors but would be outdoors (stop and re-pair sensors). This is another Garmin problem which I don’t think is fixed.

Perhaps someone with a 530 will chime in with their recent experiences.
My 1030 sits on my trainer desk and hasn’t been used in months. I may still use it occasionally for outdoor free rides when spring weather hits, but the phone apps are much better for indoor workouts.

Thank you - in what folder on my 530 do I copy the TCX export? Furthermore, I discovered the Xert Player - that would also serve the purpose to execute workouts outside. Is there a way to implement the Xert Player pages into a Garmin generic workout or run both next to each other (other than buying another 530 :wink: ).

Have not tried it myself but that thread says to copy the TCX file to the folder called NewFiles.

If you install the Xert Player for Connect IQ that app is started on the Garmin and you load the workout into the app and play it there. To do that make sure the 530 is connected to Garmin Connect on your phone to load the workout. When the workout is finished you can close the Xert app and resume Garmin operations. However, users have reported that you lose sensor connections when you do that and have to stop and re-pair from the Garmin menu.

As to whether you can successfully complete workouts outdoors depends on terrain and traffic conditions where you ride.
See this post: Xert Data Fields on my Garmin


Run Xert EBC on an Android device :wink:

I tried putting the TCX into new workouts folder on my 530 and it shows up. I don’t know is it working for all the workouts but for some that i tried it does. YMMV. As i am not willing to use my phone during my workouts for multiple reasons or purchase/replace my devices just for this purpose i am using this approach until it becomes obsolete or too cumbersome.

Whenever I used my 530 to run the Xert Player I’ve had to reconnect sensors the next time I went to ride. I’ve only used the player inside but I use the data fields all the time and that doesn’t seem to cause any problems.