How much should i adjust the freshness feedback for X strength training sessions/week?


If i do 3-4 strength/weight training sessions per week where 2st are legs, how much should i adjust the freshness feedback to account for this?

I don’t think you can quantity that as a number. The freshness scale is purely subjective by individual.
If your legs feel trashed before a scheduled workout you should adjust the scale accordingly which in turn will dial back the suggested workout load.

Okok. Is there some guide as to how much for example 10 points is on the freshness feedback scale, so i know approximately how much i should adjust it with?

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The slider will move your absolute freshness by X points.

i.e. if you have +10 freshness and you move the slider to -10, your new/adjusted freshness is 0.

Ok. Where can i see my freshness i numbers then?

Here are the associated instructions and description articles –

Most of us find a number that reflects how well we recover from suggested training load on a continuing basis. This depends on how fit you are, the phase you are in, and how much time you have to train (Improvement Rate). You can adjust the slider as needed on the Goals pop-up form. Mine is currently set to 8. YMMV

Ok ill have to go purely on feel then i guess?

The XPMC will display your total form (Low + High + Peak)

Okok. Can i see how much a specific acitivity affected my form?

Yes, it’s a feeling.

On a more practical note :slight_smile: as you move the slider and click Update you’ll see a change in status color if you have moved the slider far enough.
For example –
If your status color is currently blue (fresh) but you actually feel tired, move the slider to the left a few points and select Update. If color doesn’t change to orange/red (tired) move it some more and Update.
If color is currently orange/red but you feel fresh, move the slider to the right and click Update to change to blue/green.

Perhaps Xert could improve this function by displaying the color change threshold points as you move the slider. That would be ideal so can tweak it just enough to change color instead of trial and error with Update.
Maybe the slider dot itself could show current color instead of being white. As you drag it the color changes as soon as you hit the threshold point. This would also allow you to determine the mid-point between color changes.


Not retrospectively at this time, since we only plot your form at the start of each activity, and your current form. Seeing your form at a particular time of a particular day would require us to plot minute by minute form… something we likely could do (and may eventually get to), but not planned at the moment.