How do I build a smart workout with the recommended interval wattage?

My chosen focus is puncheur because the roads near me are all rolling hills, I don’t do super long rides and I have a muscular “sprinter” build

My TP is about 220 and the recommended interval wattage is about 280. Does that mean I should incorporate workouts centered around that interval wattage and if so how can I build one? I do have a basic understanding of the various Xert metrics but was wondering on how to actually build above threshold workouts for my focus.

If you want examples of workouts that target a particular focus duration point, go to the Workout Library, select Filter on right side, Focus dropdown, and select the focus duration point you are interested in. Puncheur in your case.
You’ll notice there are a number of ways to achieve the targeted focus duration.

If you mean the free ride advice on the left side of the Training page, that refers to applying the advice to an outdoor ride instead by monitoring a couple Xert fields to achieve the intended strain ratio. You do that by executing irregular interval efforts at or above the target watts for a high intensity workout (10:00 minute or lower focus duration point) versus at or below target watts for low intensity endurance ride (20:00 minute focus or higher). You continue that pattern until you’re close to your target XSS for the day. When the completed activity is uploaded to XO it will be classified to indicate how closely you accomplished the goal. For example, Difficult Mixed Puncheur Ride.

If you plan to use the Workout Designer to create your own workouts, you’ll want a deeper understanding of how Xert works first. For that I suggest completing the Academy series videos and circling back to watch them again as you gain more experience with the platform.
You can also copy an existing workout and tweak the settings to get an idea how various options work with your fitness signature applied.

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Advanced Workout Design using SMART Intervals – Xert (

Thank you! That makes a lot of sense and helps me think of how to approach outdoor rides.