Heart rate variability (HRV) Garmin 955

I have been using the Garmin 955 for a short time and thus receive a daily evaluation of my nocturnal Heart rate variability (HRV).


Are these values used by Xert and used for the evaluation of my current Performance or are these Garmin values irrelevant to the Xert method?

Greeting Horst

We had a discussion about HRV on the forum a while ago. HRV integration with Xert Freshness / Fatigue Chart and Recommended Workouts At that time Scott said that they did not use it. Also I suggest you might like to read some of the information on readiness scores etc on the HRV4Training blog. Maarco Altini is one of the foremost experts on HRV. HRV only is useful when taken in context of other factors from what I understand. I have been using it for a couple of years and I do use it as a general guide to what sort of intensity I should consider. Also there is a new blog entry on the Xert blog about readiness. Have you read that? Assessing Readiness to Train – Xert or on the forum: New Blog: Assessing Readiness to Train - #6 by ManofSteele
I find HRV interesting.

Thank you, that helps me a lot.