Having to stand to complete a workout

I’ve recently started a program to increase my 10 minute power with a view to a triathlon on 2 June.

I’m doing a lot of low intensity at the moment but I’ve noticed that when the difficulty increased over fairly long intervals I couldn’t finish the workouts unless I stand up on the pedals, which is extremely tiring all the same, should I review my objective or maybe ask for more recovery because of my other training on the side?

Thank you for your advice.

The red circles show that when I stand up on the pedals, I lose power because my RPM is below 50 and the neo2t no longer follows.

They both have a difficulty of around 80 but it was really, really hard - I could never have completed this training by sitting still.

Tap cadence on the legend and show that screenshot.

much more difficult than my outdoor ride which has a difficulty of 5 stars - 184 but which was OK

Firstly, both those workouts are harder than they look, especially on a trainer. Cadence looks ok up until you had to stand. On the second workout, you may want to spin up on the yellows a bit more. Cadence should be slightly higher on the yellows than the greens, maybe 10rpm higher. If that’s hard, double-check cooling. Overheating will make you slow down your cadence.

Solid training and great that you managed to get through these workouts. Beware long yellow intervals. They need a bit more concentration and motivation.