Haute Route Alps 2023 training advice

Greetings Hive Mind!

As per the title, I’ve (possibly foolheartedly) entered haute route alps this August. I’m wondering what the best way to use Xero to train for this will be? I.e Athlete type, continuous improvement vs target date etc…

I’ve used Xert for a couple of years, but mainly for fitness tracking rather than “structured” training. I have approx 8 years of power data.

As for most of us my schedule can be fairly irregular but can generally manage 2-3 60-90mins indoor sessions a week and 2-3 outdoors of 3-6 hours per week(depending on other commitments).

I’ll be training in New Zealand winter in a fairly flat region without any sustained climbs beyond 20mins.

I’ve got a reasonable endurance base coming off a couple of longer bike packing trips earlier in the year.
My current thoughts are

  1. Build sustained time on bike and back to back days.
  2. 1-2 threshold/FTP type sessions/wk
  3. Most climbs are going to be 60-90mins and likely ridden around “sweet spot” or “tempo” (old terminology dies hard!) so working on building up to this.

Sorry for the rambling post. Any thoughts or suggestions gratefully received.