Goals section - target date - specificity dropdown

What is the role of the specificity dropdown on the goals page, TGT date based goal? I assume its to choose wether you want your suggested trainings pure or mixed,… vs your targeted speciality?

Also, which of the continuous improvement settings is analoguous to base training in a tgt based plan, or could that also be an offered choice? Eg i dont really have a tgt yet, but i consider myself in winter base period, so i calculate and enter a fake TGT date so xert puts me in base period, not pre base (how do prebase and base differ?) Is base similar to off season? This workaround gets the job done so not hugely important, but having base as an option in continuous might make sense?

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Hi Bruno,

Changing the specificity of the TED program will impact the recommended specificity of the trainings. What this means is that a greater proportion of the strain (XSS) in your training program is placed on your High (HIE) and Peak (Peak Power) systems for PURE specificity, compared to mixed or polar.

In other words, increasing the specificity of the training will result in more intensity and/or longer high intensity trainings, compared to the Polar option. Changing the specificity will impact the relatively lower athlete types the most - e.g. Sprinters, Pursuiter, Puncheur, etc.

EDIT: Here’s an example of what I mean. Athlete type set to GC Specialist with the same TED in all 3 images. Notice the total XSS recommendation is the same (141), but that Mixed/Pure specificity recommends more High & Peak XSS.




You could consider using ‘Continuous Improvement’ and set the Athlete Type to what you’d like to train towards in the meantime. That will recommend endurance when tired (yellow stars) and high intensity when fresh (blue/green stars).


Focus and Specificity together are used to further define the relative importance of TP, HIE and PP are to your performance. A lot of people only think about FTP but that’s only 1 part of the fitness equation. HIE and PP play an important role. How much HIE and how much PP is encapsulated in the Specificity and the Focus.

For example, as a Puncheur, your HIE and PP together are likely to be just under 30% of your performance as a Pure Puncheur. Certainly you wouldn’t just focus on raising your FTP, would you?

Ah ok, im in winter base, so polar for now gradually moving to pure by feb time for some harder work
It feels like these new features have a lot of great gotchas you can share. Maybe you could consider a whats new youtube episode, i could then watch& learn during a endurance setting :slight_smile: ?