Garmin edge instead of phone for sessions

I was wondering if a Garmin Edge (530) can be used instead of a mobile phone, to control a Wahoo trainer running a session? Of course with Xert app from Garmin IQ.
And at the same time to be able to have it on a laptop/MacBook screen for better view and video play.
Or, even everything on the laptop/Mac?
As I understand from the tutorial, is that the phone is necessary only to connect the sensors.

You can use any Xert app to run the session workout. That includes EBC for iOS or Android, Connect IQ Player for Garmin, or EBC app on a Karoo.
All control of the workout is performed on the app.
Once running on the app you can view the workout from the Session Player page on a PC/laptop/tablet.

Steps are:

  1. Select a session or workout at using Play Now.
    This queues the selection on the app.
  2. Run Xert app on phone or head unit and select your session/workout.
  3. Open the Session Player on XO (
    A few seconds later the browser page will sync with the workout running on the app.

A solo session differs from a scheduled group session in that the stats box is replaced with a leaderboard and group chat is active.
Another difference is a solo session can be run on-demand at any time whereas a group session is scheduled to start at a specific time. If you arrive early, you can join the group session in warm-up mode with a countdown timer displaying the start time.
One benefit to using a phone for group sessions is it’s much easier to text on a phone with Rocket Chat if you decide you’d like to chat with others (optional).


thank you for quick response.
I figure Garmin works. Directly on laptop/Mac, not fully compatible with sensors communication/control protocols.

You can run the EBC app on a Mac laptop if the laptop has Apple Silicon. Laptops with M1 or M2 chips can run most iOS apps. I’ve run the EBC app on my laptop, using bluetooth to connect to my trainer (Tacx Neo) and HR monitor (Polar H10), without any problem. This way EBC becomes just another window on my laptop that I can display where I want to, without having to use my phone or bike computer.