Garmin 530 Xert IQ App stuck at "Obtaining fitness signature"

Hey guys, my Garmin is stuck in the abovementioned state when trying to play a workout with the Garmin App. I could swear I read the solution somewhere as I had the problem once, it is deleting some files on the Garmin. Unfortunately, I cannot find the respective thread. Can someone help me out?

Possibilities –
Obtaining Signature, Login Via Phone…not - Support - Xert Community Forum (

It’s a bit chunky to set up.
First: sure you gave in the right user and password? If yes then: delete the Xert Player app in Garmin IQ, change your password on the Xert website, re-install the Xert Player app and re-enter the new password and user. It did worked that way for me.
Make sure your phone has internet acces.

The manual deletion stuff did the trick. However, now there is another problem ;). I cannot get ERG mode working any more. When I click the lower right button on the 530, the options “Powercontrol”, “Slope” etc. appear. However, once I navigate to “Powercontrol” and click on it, nothing happens, the Garmin just returns to the XERT-Apps workout screen. Is that a known problem?

Hi Alex,

Reach out to our support team directly so we can help troubleshoot this with you and get it resolved.