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Hi Xert team,

I recently got the new Garmin Edge 1050. I had been using the Xert data fields on my old Garmin flawlessly but they don’t seem to show up in the Garmin Connect Store for the 1050 - could someone take a look into this and enable them? I know the workout app might need some work first - but I would have thought the data fields should just work.

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Another please (also requested an upgrade via ConnectIQ). There’s one that has been updated, the XSS Buckets, but even that doesn’t work well on the 1050 - the font size means the stats bars on top of the buckets are just a few mm tall, unreadable during a ride.

I’ve got a few events coming up pretty much every weekend starting this, and I’d like to have my MPA and TTE visible while riding with the 1050.

Me too please. The MyFTP field is one of my most used data fields alongside windfield


Hello Xert Community,

We’re thrilled to announce that in about a month, we’ll be rolling out another brand new data field for the Edge 1050 (and Edge x30/x40 units too)! This new data field will replace the older MPA/Power, Fat/Carbs, and other existing data fields. Updating each of our (many) existing data fields involves a significant effort in terms of loading, recompiling, and publishing. We are committed to delivering the best possible user experience with the new data field.

Additionally, we are pleased to inform you that XSS Buckets data field v7.3 is now available. Please update your data field via Garmin ConnectIQ mobile app or Garmin Express for PC/Mac to enjoy the latest features and improvements.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback!


Will this include the MyFTP data field. Huge loss for me if not

Yes, we’re planning to recompile all 7 data fields along with the workout player for the new Garmin Edge 1050. At this time, we don’t have a specific ETA for these updates.

It’s worth noting that Garmin typically releases new devices without prior notification, which can sometimes pose challenges for us in integrating these updates into our already busy development cycle.

Thank you for your patience as we work to optimize our tools for the latest Garmin devices!


Fantastic news, thanks!!

As a by the way. Not having the MyFTP data field forced me to try the XSS Buckets data field v7.3. It’s awesome, I’ve used it to get 2 breakthroughs so far :slight_smile:


Good News!

Can I suggest a few changes as well?

  • The green dot indicating that everything is updated should be removed. Keep the other dots indicating that the update is ongoing or failed. Less clutter on the Garmin when riding and everything is fine.
  • in XXS Bucket: Can you add a config to choose between completed XSS and percentage? The continuous switching is annoying.
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