Fresh all the time

Hi all, I’ve been a Xert user for the last 6mths or so. Last weekend I did a 140k ride, the longest I’ve logged on Strava with a XSS rating of 299. I would have expected my status to be tired or very tired however on the day of the ride and every ride since my status is showing as fresh (blue) including a tough group ride on Tuesday which usually takes me into tired status.

Does anyone know why this might be, usually I have a number or tired days each week… I’m in post event phase so maybe this has something to do with it?


Have a look here: Stars always blue during base?

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Or the opposite of this (freshness slider too far right)

Nothing to do with target event date.

(Lack of) intensity can also be a factor as Xert tracks low intensity and higher intensity form separately to determine status… you can’t get yellow without high intensity… and need form to be at least -30% of training load to get red with just low intensity strain

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Thanks everyone👍🏼