Form - what's wrong with the calculation? - Always VERY tired

Searched the forum and didn’t see anything recent about this. Just took 12 days completely off the bike - after taking a week earlier in August for mixed Mountain biking and downhill.

I’m ALWAYS very tired. While I understand that might be correct - since I’m mostly overtraining, perhaps. Clearly I’m not just ‘tired’ after 12 days off.

Is there a way to help Xert understand that I can absorb at bit more training and not be tired?

A bit of background. I used to be rather fit - even got to four stars once in Xert - which didn’t mean I was ‘elite’ it meant I rode way too much. But then I took about 2 years more or less off the bike and certainly away from structured training. Now I have no problems cranking out the workouts that Xert thinks makes me ‘exhausted’ - and yeah, I know we all training too hard and should go easy, but 12 days is enough to reset nearly anything, I’d think - and yes I know about Chronic overtraining but that’s HARDLY what I’ve been doing this Summer, between work and covid.

please help!

aka - Very Tired in New Vernon, NJ

Without any details - how much reliable data can Xert draw from? - and knowledge of your current ‘level’, it’s hard to give you an advise.

You can pull the freshness feedback slider all the way to the right to compensate for not feeling tired, but other than that…

Hi Josh,

Taking a quick look at your account, it looks like you have your Freshness Feedback set to -40, which would almost certainly guaranteeing that you’ll be red status every day. I recommend resetting the slider to ‘0’ and see if that resolves things.

If you want to learn more about what the freshness feedback slider does, you can read about that here:

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Or you can have slided it all the way to the left :joy:

@ManofSteele – Need to tweak that article as the scale now goes from -60 to +60, not the 30’s.

@jap – You wanted to reset the scale to zero when you started training again. As long as your fitness signature is dialed in suggested workouts should fall into a normal range.
Most of us find a number on the freshness scale that works on a continuing basis week to week. Whether you need to tweak it depends on your form, current training load, how long you’ve been riding a bike (ability to recover), and how much time you can invest per week (IR setting).

In a nutshell –
Start at 0 and adjust the scale IF needed to reflect your form based on current load and how fresh you feel before suggested workouts.
Not as tired as predicted? Move slider to the right which increases difficulty.
More tired than predicted? Move to the left which decreases difficulty.

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Good catch, updated!