Stars always blue during base?

I am still figuring out Xert but loving it as an alternative to a strict training plan. I am not racing but put in an event date so it would move through the training stages. it seems like if I follow the plan in base, my stars are always blue, 7 days per week. I have the slider at 0. should this be the case? I will do zwift races occasionally, which will move me to tired, but just doing the 3 star endurance workouts, which are tough!, keeps me in blue. I am going back to one day off the bike completely as I don’t feel that doing this 7 days/week gives me adequate recovery (I am 46 years old). Thanks

How much data did you feed Xert? You may want to check your starting training load estimate and overrule that.

For instance, if you fed Xert the minimum recommended 3 months, but were already (well) trained when you did, it might be too low.


If suggested workouts are hard but doable and you are feeling fresh each day with the needle pointing up, I’d say you’re doing just fine. :+1:.

They changed workout ratings to diamonds (indicates difficulty) instead of stars (indicates status) so users will be less likely to confuse the two as a matched set.
That being said the two ratings generally coincide through the phases, but you can always select workouts above/below your current status. For example, designate an easy day (less diamonds) each week and a hard day (more diamonds).
As long as you signature remains dialed in suggested workouts will typically have you in the blue (fresh) before the next day’s suggested workout. Things get harder as you move into build phase but that will also depend on your IR setting. More hours means higher TL which you may not recover from. If that’s the case you can adjust the freshness slider to dial XATA down.
As far as seven days/week goes, XATA won’t schedule rest days automatically. However, if you take the same day off each week the system will learn your weekly schedule. Notice the last line in XATA says Advice is based on your recent activities performed on < day of week>'s as of < user-defined time for status/advice estimate>.
Xert is essentially a self-coached system with some AI built in (XATA). You are in charge of setting goals and providing feedback.
While you could follow XATA suggestions day after day without a plan I find it works great if you introduce some level of structure on a weekly basis. For example, Mondays might be your normal rest day and weekends are long rides. Other days can be recommended workouts or you can mix things up but monitor your XSS points.
Periodically you should select a BT workout (or Zwift race or group ride with hammering and a sprint) to keep your signature in check.
Other than that, just ride. :slight_smile:


^^THIS^^! Great advice.