Forecast AI training loads

I adapted my forecast AI today and it came back with this for the next few months…

It seems that if anything there is going to be regresion across the board with no improvement. Is that correct?
Here are my current settings:

I’m training for an ultra triathlon in November. Is it too soon to put a target date in there?
What would be the best setings to get the most out of this leading up to the traithlon?

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Looks like you’ve already exceeded your training load goal for your current program! Have you achieved a Breakthrough recently?

I would recommend re-forecasting a new program, using a higher Goal! You can try increasing the focus power, running the Forecast Optimizer & seeing the result (try it several times with different focus power targets). You can also try changing the specificity/focus too!

FWIW, I (personally) use a Climber Focus (10 min power) with Polar or Mixed specificity to prepare for the Time Trial demands of long course triathlon.

Thanks so much Scott, I’ll tweak those settings and give it a go.
Appreciate the feedback!

No matter what I input it is giving me the same forecast with no progression.

Anybody on admin that can explain this???

You could post a screenshot of your Setting tab entries and let us know how Availability is configured for days of the week.
However, something seems off with your account for this to happen –
You probably need to send a request to for assistance.

Hi @NeilC Looks like you have set some your weekly availability in the planner. The Forecast AI Optimizer is doing everything it can by maximizing the XSS it’s allowed to prescribe in the allotted time, which is why most of the matchsticks are the same height in the chart.

You might consider increasing your weekly availability (more available days and/or longer training sessions) to allow for more meaningful increases in your training load over time.

Thanks I think the availability is the issue! Will change and recheck, thanks for the help, appreciate it!

Thanks Scott, that’s makes perfect sense. I blocked those days off for running but will need to do more sessions during the week. That makes sense now.

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