Forecast AI Beta now Open to all subscribers

All subscribers now have access.


Seems to only work on the cycling profile. When I’m on the Running or Rowing profile the button doesn’t show.

Yes. Nearly too many pots on the stove as it stands.

@xertedbrain Is there going to be a way to train to a certain power at LT1 rather than as at present LT2? As it stands it is amazing, but the maximum time you can set a power increase to is 20 minutes. I know LT1 and LT2 are supposedly ‘tied’, but Steve Neal has said previously that you can train LT1 upwards towards and perhaps to LT2.

Also I see potential for creating retraining blocks such s3-4 weeks of VO2 and use the AI Beta to give you a plan for the block :slight_smile:

There are other dimensions at play here and we will be moving towards these in the “Xert 2.0” release. Steve Neal knows all about it. :smile: The current model handles it indirectly but 2.0 will tackle this head on. It will be more precise granularity to training and fitness. There are some other aspects we are discovering in the data that I’d like to bring forward and we may fund some research projects on it.


Brilliant, thank you Armando. I look forward to XERT 2.o - any news on a release date?

I would be happy with a lower FTP @ 320

0 :slight_smile:
Is there any way to reduce the target FTP ?

Are you sure it makes sense to have a climber focus on a 9 hour event? I would assume that such an event is mostly sub TP?

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it is 235km route, with 4,500m of elevation - what should i choose ?

Personally I do not really race, but I try to improve my time on longer rides (150 km and above). On these rides I try to stay below TP and minimize the variations in my power. The focus I end up with in practice is the Sprint Time-Trialist.

If you are actually going to ride 9 hours you really need to focus on nutrition. I have had some success with the EatMyRide to understand how much I have to eat while riding.

If you switch to Goal with same date you can select Climber and target watts.
I think the setup guide needs to support this too or otherwise lower the target when the forecast is run.

Use our Carb/Fat Garmin datafield.

Sure, but EatMyRide is a bit more advanced. You can easily track what you have eaten while riding (on a full screen Garmin Edge data field) and compare that to what you have burned. You also have graphs etc that you can look at post ride to analyze.

If i switch to goal …

First change your Athlete Type to Climber then run the Setup Guide.
Drag the current/target slider to right to set a reasonable goal for that Focus Power.
Or go straight to Goals, Target Date and enter Date, Specificity (mixed), Focus (Climber), Type (Goal) and enter your reasonable target.
Keep in mind what’s “reasonable” also relates to current/target TL which will change as you edit target watts.

Probably GC Specialist

Tried changing but it gives me the same outcome ( probably because the Threshold Power it is trying to get to is is too high)
I don’t see anywhere to change the target Watts ?

Todays ride was 6 Hr - 480 XSS so the event is likely to be between 900 - 1000 XSS

I tried EMR but found it overkill for my needs.
The Saturday app suits me better especially when you adopt their “sweet nectar” formula (sugar/salt) with whatever gels/etc you want to carry.
On long slow rides (5+ hours) I’ve also gone with only a TAP flask (maple syrup/salt) and water. Works fine for me but it wouldn’t be my everyday choice.
On slow rides I’ll also check the Carb/Fat data field, more for the ratio of carbs to fat than for tracking consumption.

Select the Goals icon from XO home page, not the Beta Setup Guide.
Training for ultra-endurance is a different ball game entirely. :slight_smile:

From the Goals, If i enter over 650 in the XSS then it’s grayed out and i cant save.