Forecast AI Beta now Open to all subscribers

You can decrease your event preparation which will allow you to plan for a bigger event. Use the slider under Settings and adjust it left. You can still train for this event but you’ll likely not be as prepared for it as a result.

Even those running the trial version at the moment? I don’t find the Forecast button on my profile. Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!

Beta versions are only available to subscribers.
How far along are you in the trial?

2 hours :slight_smile:
I’ve been collecting cycling traning data for 10+ yrs though (available at the Garmin Connect platform).

Would you like some trial/newbie tips or was your goal only to view the Forecast AI Beta?
I’m working on a post that covers a lot of bases for trial users that I’ll post soon.
OTOH it may be TMI depending on whether you believe in RTM versus click and go. :slight_smile:

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Have gone back to “Continuous improvement - Aggressive -1”.

Will see if I can manage it !

Hi Xert Team,
fantastic new functionnalities.
The final touch would be to be able to specify which days we can do high intensity. For example, Tuesdays and Fridays on a regular basis.

Just out of curiosity, why do you need such a constraint?

It could be useful when you are traveling and only have access to a hotel gym (I.e. spinning bike). But such a use case is not that important I believe.

Having run a few simulations on the Forecast AI, I just don’t see it being usable at the moment for me. Forecasting 4 to 6 hour indoor rides, once per week…hmm :rofl:

You can easily set max hour constraints per weekday. But true, I would also prefer more but shorter rides. I.e. fewer rest days.

Thanks for the feedback. What’s interesting is the science shows that less frequency with higher volume leads to better results and the algorithm automatically does this without any inherent rules. You need to override it to change that. I can see practically how athletes would prefer greater frequency but unfortunately it’s not the most efficient. @hpbieker describes a way to override it.

I’m not sure if greater frequency should be baked into it. It should be something each athlete will need to specify.

Btw, they aren’t indoor. Where you do them isn’t specified. Do them outside as part of your regular outdoor rides.

Because I prefer to do some sessions outside and it’s not possible sometimes (because of work). But agréé with you, if I can’t do one day, I thing I will have only to recalculate thé firecast

I was thinking this would be a good feature for my training and was wondering how important it is for others. My club does regular rides with Tuesdays for example, being pretty high intensity. It would be great to specify that I’d prefer high intensity on Tuesdays and constrain the time to be what we do and allow the system to incorporate these into my weekly training regime. It’s actually not a difficult feature to add but given the million and one things to do, I don’t know where to put it on the priority list.

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Maybe stupid question but wouldn’t it be better to look at the values (low/high/peak XSS) for those rides and schedule something like that on Tue and then let the system recalculate around that? If those are group rides they are probably whatever they are and you can’t change them much if the system spits out a specific high intensity workout request for one Tue and something different for another.

Could do it this way too but was thinking that it would be interesting to see the progressive overload changes that it would suggest and consider how to attain them during these rides.

Can you describe how to do that? I looked, but don’t currently see it. @hpbieker

I think you can handle group rides which you don’t fully control by adding a ride with the correct XSS and intensity to the calendar and then set the availability to zero.

Hi @ridgerider2
I’ve been tinkering with some new workouts recently and wanted to use Forecast AI Beta to see what’s the possible gain over a pretty short period of time (1-3 months) in my case. vs. time capacities.

I’ve started watching your introductory videos on YT to learn sth about the algorithm itself. but would appreciate if the AI tool was active on my account.

I am a fellow Xert user with RTM experience. :slight_smile:
The Academy series videos are from Xert’s Scott Steele.
My suggestion would be to get to know how Xert works first.
Access to the Forecast AI Beta is available if you start a subscription. At this stage it’s more for experienced users who want to test and provide feedback.
What you describe can be accomplished without the forecast tool.
If you’d like to discuss your specific needs further, I suggest starting a new topic and we’ll try to guide you along.

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