Forecast AI Beta: How is it working?

Why does the AI Forecaster schedule workouts that do not exist? How would I create them?

For example this Sunday the schedule calls for a 2hr 8 min Pure CG Specialist workout with an XSS of 157. There are Pure GC Specialist workouts with an XSS close to that, but they are around 1 hour.

Yes, it does. Both the Glycolytic system & aerobic system burn carbs. HIE relies more heavily on anaerobic pathways than aerobic.

The durations from XFAI are estimated durations based on the XSS. The existing calculations work well for endurance focus workouts, but not always with shorter/more intense focus types. We’re working on improvements to estimated duration based on the Focus & specificity of the training. Likely to be added soon.

I have a similar situation myself tomorrow - XFAI is calling for 135 XSS Mixed GC Specialist training (estimated for 2h6m), but the top recommended workout (SMART - Bangarang - Extended) accomplishes the desired XSS in just over 90 minutes. So I get my necessary training done and an extra 30 min for my morning coffee :smiley:

You might also consider auto-generating a workout for tomorrow if you don’t like any of the options from the main Xert library. HTH

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I guess the question is which is the less stressful workout in terms of fatigue.

I basically use Xert now to decide which workouts to do and how much.

I normally run TrainerRoad workouts based on the suggestions in Xert or export workouts from Xert to TrainerRoad. All workouts are run using the TrainerRoad app (or outside).

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Hello, I don’t really understand the difference between the “event readiness” setting and “program difficulty”. for me if you set more readiness the program will be harder so what is the difference please?

Can’t get the forecast to work for me. I’ve set a target date of 7th July, I run the forecast and get a plan. Then when I try to edit my availability as I can’t do Mondays or Fridays, it just gets stuck and I see the message ‘can’t forecast taper week’. If I only change Mondays it seems to work okay, but as soon as I try and change Fridays it gets stuck. I’d much rather be able to specify which days I am able to train and how long I can train for on those days and it build me the best plan possible (might not be the ‘perfect’ plan, but a good plan would be good enough for me) based on my availability, rather than going through the process of building a forecast only to have to change everything it’s built due to not being available on certain days of the week.

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That’s probably a bug in the new update. Send that to support please.

Sorry for the trouble.

1st 3 month block + race completed on 3/16.
At the start, it predicted I would get to 270 ftp. I’ve never achieved that in my life but hey, let’s give it a go. Lots of hard days right off the bat. I achieved my all time hi 261 Right at the start of February. But this wasn’t according to the plan schedule. I did Zwift races every Friday through the winter and was getting breakthroughs in the races. So… from early February to race in March, I was pretty much just maintaining although I did try to follow the schedule as much as I could. I did my race at 255 and had a great race. Unknown if I could have done much better.

So the last couple weeks I’ve just done fun rides and. mostly chilled.

No on to my 2nd block with next race scheduled for 6/8. I have another interim smaller race in May. I was able to put the interim race on the calendar and mark the day as unavailable for training. The adapt forecast did indeed remove training for that day without me having to run the whole AI forecast again. That’s nice. My new predicted target for on the training tab is only 256W and I’m sitting at 251W. IDK if that’s a good realistic goal or If I should change something in the settings to try to push harder.

Looking forward to the day when the Race option is ready for FAI.

I would love to have the ability to generate and play around with alternative AI forecasts/plans without messing up my current active AI training plan. It could even be implemented as a way to “mark” the current state and then “restore” it later.

is it worth trying the AI Beta if 100% of my rides are outdoor free rides and I have no events to plan for? just riding for general fitness.

or is this something for someone who likes to plan far in the future for a specific target / event.

If you’re looking to “plan” (in quotes) for progress then it can be a useful way to train. For example, if you want to raise your power, then if you can pinpoint what type of power you want to improve (i.e. climbing, punching, sprinting, longer duration efforts), you can then select the increase you want and by when and XFAI will lay out a plan to get there. To get there though (unless it’s going to require you to follow a precise plan without making any changes) you can just ride outside with the goal of each ride to hit the targets specified. If you’re not too concerned about get the exact increase or not getting the amount of improvement you initially set to achieve, at least you’ll see a general progression on your planner that you can aim to follow when you’re looking for something with purpose to do. It can also help you plan out your week and avoid too much fatigue for rides you have coming up.

ok i’ll give it a shot.

thank you Armando

spent 15 minutes clicking around the AI Beta

so well thought out…very impressed with your entire platform and every time I watch videos and read and learn more, I am more and more impressed.

thank you for all of this…your program will make training and planning a joy


Is a Youtube video about Forecast AI planned?

Yes, once it’s released out of beta.

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not a huuuge deal but would love a AI Generate Outdoor Workout feature that is a little more loose in structure - and easier to remember intervals / targets…like just more rounded numbers to memorize (since you won’t be able to hit on the dot anyway being outdoors).

possibly even a summary text that’s quick to read, rather than a table?

I know it’s not a huge deal but especially if I need to make my workout on my phone, a short summary paragraph:

so something like this for this workout I got:

3 sets of 14 min with 3 min rest in between
Set 1: 2x (2 min 360w then 5 min 270w)
Set 2 2x (2 min 340w then 5 min 260w)
Set 3: 2x (2 min 320w then 5 min 250w)

I could then translate the above workout to almost any ride and figure out warmup / cooldown on my own. I could even use that if I wanted to ride 3 hours and just make the first hour my workout then the rest endurance, or whatever.

edit: I’d even be ok with something like this. this is kinda what i’m going to memorize:
3 sets of 14 min with 3 min rest in between
Set 1: 2x (2 min 360w then 5 min 250 - 270w)
Set 2 2x (2 min 340w then 5 min 250 - 270w)
Set 3: 2x (2 min 320w then 5 min 250 - 270w)

Yeah. Definitely hard to remember.

You could just go with the middle intensity and round the numbers. I’d also use MPA rather than duration. In your example, you’d be thinking: Ride at 340W to bring MPA down to X. Then ride hardish at 260W and bring MPA back up to Y and repeat 6 times.


ok will do

how would I decide what X and Y might be?

but yeah no idea how hard that is to program or if anyone else would like that…I’d love a 1-2 sentence AI generated WO like that. (as a separate option - not to replace the current button)

the more brainless on my end, the better.

Open the workout details and review the chart to see where MPA ends up.