Forecast AI and "Additional Training"

When using Forecast AI you are assigned some XSS for each day. Before you do a workout you can get a suggestion on workouts to do to fulfill the XSS requirements for the day. However, if you do one workout that partially completes the XSS requirement, you must manually search for a workout covering the remaining XSS.

For example, I am assigned 218 XSS today and have completed 102 XSS, giving 116 XSS remaining.

When I open the Training tab, Xert will propose some additional training, but not the remaining training. As you see below, it suggests 215 XSS, even if I only have 116 XSS left. The high and peak XSS are too high to match the remaining XSS.

Wouldn’t it make sense if this tab instead suggested what I needed to do to do the remaining XSS (low, high, peak)? The Autogen could then also create a workout that matched the remaining XSS as well.

I created a workout that matches the remaining XSS very well, but it is shown as Unproductive, and it will therefore be shown more or less at the end of the list:

What do you think @xertedbrain ?

If it’s not suggesting based on the remaining, then we’ll need to fix that. We’ve added a lot of new matching and combining logic so maybe there is an issue with the remaining calculations. We’ll need to look into it. If you could so kindly report this to support we can track it. Thanks.

It had been working like that until recently so definitely report the bug.