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Hey there, I’m using the Forcast AI to focus on my 8 minute power with an end date of June 22nd. I have Sunday’s and Thursdays as off days.

For some reason in the planner page I’m receiving the “Adapt Forecast” notification. I will click the adapt forecast, then my workouts will change for the next several weeks… but the adapt forecast notification button will still have the red dot to adapt the forecast again.

What’s happening? Is this just a glitch/bug which needs to be worked on? Each time I click “Adapt Forecast” my training plan does change with different intensities on different days.

Thank you.

Red dot - not going away in planner - Support - Xert Community Forum (

In the meantime, the suggestion is to use it sparingly as you see fit. For example, once a week.


You got it! That’s all I needed to know about the red dot. If that’s the case I’ll just disregard until future notice. Oh… I do have one more question if you don’t mind?

When looking at “suitability” what does the yellow exclamation point and red x mean? I would think I know but when combined with the terms “Good, Near Focus” it’s confusing. I tried looking in the FAQs and didn’t see my answer. Thank you.

That is a new feature I’ve noticed as well which hasn’t been documented in the glossary article yet.
It’s either a quick way to compare suitability between workouts but may also relate to the new XSS ratio goal (low, high, peak strain score).
@ManofSteele will need to confirm.

Training Suitability – Xert (

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Thank you. I did read the “training suitability” article before posting this question and didn’t notice anything about the green, yellow, and red icons. I’m not sure if it could be looked at similarly to:

  • Green: Should have no problem completing the prescribed workout within training range.
  • Yellow: Workout is likely at the upper end of training range or near impossible to complete.
  • Red: Not recommended because it’ll be near impossible to complete.

But then I have a workout that has a Red X and it says “Productive, Out of Focus” and another workout that says “Very Productive, Out of Focus” with a Red X. Does this mean this is a good workout and I’ll be fine to do it but it’s not within the category I’m supposed to be training this day?

For example, tomorrow I have “Low Intensity Training, Pure Endurance” scheduled. The time scheduled is 1hr 18min. If I schedule an endurance workout that’s 2hrs long it’ll give a green checkmark and say “Good, Optimal Focus” but if I schedule an endurance workout that’s 2hr 30 min long it’ll give me a Red X and say “Very Productive, Out of Focus.”

But let’s then say I did the 2-1/2 to 3hr ride. Would I then reach a “breakthrough?” :thinking:

This may not be related, but I’m getting the red dot on Adapt Forecast. When I click on the adapt forecast button the process runs, but then doesn’t allow me to save it. I’m in the base phase with a May 10 event. Has anyone else seen this happen and can offer a solution?

Go ahead and run Forecast AI again which you can do from the Program menu.
The plans aren’t cast in stone and you can adjust various settings and run again as needed.
It’s also a good idea to forecast after updates are released.
If the issue persists, post a screenshot or file a support request with and they’ll take a look.