First Xert Breakthrough

I’ve been slowly learning Xert since joining about a month ago. There were breakthroughs in my data that I uploaded to Xert but I had not done one since Joining and It had been over 2 months since my last one. First day I felt like doing a harder effort to get a breakthrough and get a more accurate signature. I’ve been doing 20+ hours a week for 6 weeks all low Zone 1/2 with only a couple group rides and 1 trainer workout with some harder efforts.

Zero chance I can do breakthrough workouts on a trainer, ZERO. I’ve managed to go from 266 to 314 in 6-7 weeks. Goal is 350 TP minimum, would like to get to 370. I have 15 more lbs to lose to get down to my old competitive weight of 145 also.

The thing I like most about Xert is seeing the data and the numbers every day, keeps me motivated and holds me accountable. I also like not having to suffer through 20 minute FTP tests or similar. This effort was about 11 minutes, had I had the app running I could have pushed harder/longer at the end to get the TP a little higher but I’m satisfied with this number for this time of the year. I was doing this blind, just pushed myself until I knew I was holding near my limit for a few minutes then did a hard sprint. I was also feeling a little tired from the 7+ hour ride I did Sunday. I’m attending a training camp in Socal next week to get out of the endless rain we’ve been experiencing in Norcal this winter. I should be able to get another breakthrough there and push this number higher.