First XC race: how do I read it through Xert data?

Hi all, last Sunday I did my first XC race. I was not exceptionally fit for my standard giong into it but looking at the data and knowing that I managed to do the last uphill sprint before the arrival, I think I should pretty much be satisfied with how I managed it.
Now I would like to analyse the data in Xert to see if there is something I could improve for the upcoming XC race in two weeks.
What are the main highlights of the Xert race data and what should I try to improve? Can I state that I’ve managed correctly my effort based on the attached data?

Much appreciated

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XC racing is often about pacing your efforts. Notice how you dug all the way for a breakthrough and then had trouble going as deep after that. That’s not unusual. Most don’t have the ability to repeat full exhaustive efforts repeatedly. Proper fueling will help you get close. Raising your LTP will help also. Consider monitoring MPA more closely and modulate your effort more equally across the race. A positive split is natural but too much so and you’re fighting to recover the whole time.