Find a training in xert ebc

When I want to schedule a training in xertonline, I press schedule and I enter the time beyond the time I do the training. This one appears as pending in the planner.
Then I go to the Xert EBC application, I select activity, no workout selected, I don’t find the workout scheduled at the top of the list and that bothers me a lot.
How can I get it to appear at the top of the list?


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Start EBC within 30 minutes of the scheduled start time.
Outside of 30 minutes you’ll see suggested workouts instead.

and for what reason it was decided like this.
Knowing what you are going to do within half an hour, maybe those who designed it can but I can’t.
The time frame is too short, we have to rethink.
If there is another method to keep the selection, I’m interested.

Other option is to not schedule anything and quickly check the Xert web app for workouts right before you train - select ‘Play Now’ for the option you’d like to do.

The Xert EBC app will also simply show the top recommended workouts if there’s nothing scheduled - select one of the workouts from the list and go!

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What is a pity is that with the old interface, it worked very well. I don’t know what motivated this change but there is a regression.

The old was within 2 hours. The new is within 30 minutes to align with how scheduled sessions have always worked. 30 minutes may be squeezing it too close for those adding specific workouts to the Planner that they plan to do “sometime in the morning”.

This annoys me too. If I schedule a workout for a day. It should be at the top all day. If you schedule more than one in a day then there is an order.