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Is there a way to filter workouts in the list, or to list ‘similar’ workouts (web interface and Android app)?
I know you can search, but I would like to filter by focus and rating, eg. 3 star, punchuer workouts. Or the ability to select a workout but then have a list of ‘similar’ workouts.
The reason I ask is because I’m constantly recommended 4 star workouts, but can only complete up to 3 star workouts… a filter option for each column, or find similar would help me quickly find a workout. It’s great that the workout library is growing, but navigating it should to be convenient, but I can’t find the options/filters. Here’s a Zwift partner page that has the navigation options I’m talking about…

We don’t yet have a way to filter by difficulty. You can sort the workout listing by clicking on the column header. You can also use the filter option on the recommended workout listing. Additionally you can try and set Freshness Feedback down so that you don’t get recommended workouts with higher difficulty.

I was hoping each of the columns could have a filter option, would be very helpful… however, if you add it in the web then everyone will expect in on all platforms.

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I would also really appreciate a filter in the workout web interface.
It is not convenient to have to scroll when I already know what I know (for example: endurance, 3*, around 1h30, around 120XSS).
Do you plan to add this feature ?

Thank you !

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Here for now.

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I knew this filter, it is useful.
But today I don’t want to follow the training advisor, I have more time and I won’t have much time in the future days. So I want to bank XSS without getting to much fatigue (yellow for a while and I want it back blue).
This filter is limited in options and seems pre-filtered to match the training advisor. It is not a big deal, but it would be convenient to have a more general filter !

Good job for your software by the way, it is unbelievable how it is flexible compared to everything else I know.

Thank you,


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Thanks Maxime!

It filters for the top 20 matching workouts in ranked order. If you use the iOS app, you’ll get all workouts filtered. Working on the Android app to get the same functionality.


Add me to the list of people who would really like to have a filter on the Workout page and not just on the training page. . The inconsistency of the user interface can be frustrating.

I know this is an old thread, but…

Is there any hope for a filter on the Workout page?

What about adding an XSS filter field to the existing filter?

Thanks for a great product!

What do you hope to gain by searching by XSS?
Filter is available in all the places you would normally select a workout. That includes the Training page, the Planner, and EBC apps.
The library is total listing of workouts by folder – Standard, Coach, or Personal.
You can sort the library folders by the XSS column, but the entries will be scattered in regard to duration and focus. That’s why XSS isn’t a viable filter option. XSS varies by strain ratio per hour. The recommended list already factors in XSS and sorts the list accordingly but more importantly XSS isn’t necessarily THE daily goal. It’s a reference, but you may decide differently.
Remember, carrying a deficit is normal. The pacer needle position should be your guide.

On the short list. Also needed for the new Session Library.

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Thanks for asking.
Sometimes when I need say 80 XSS recommended for today, the matrix shows me 2 hour rides. but I may only have 1 hour to train. I’d like to be able to filter the 1 hour rides that are 80 XSS. Now I can only filter by time (duration), focus and diamonds. I would like to be able to filter the workouts by XSS, also.

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I see your point but focusing on XSS alone will alter the intent of the recommendations for today.
A workout of 80 XSS for one hour is a very different workout than 80 XSS for two hours.
It is normal to carry a deficit if that is your main concern.

This!!! This is something that I’d like to try and emphasize more in the future. I think to long-time Xerters, this is quite intuitive, but those using older methods may not realize this.

I was thinking about this the other day actually, when considering differences between other platforms calculation of ‘form’ and Xert’s Training Status. Older methods would say that the recovery time from 80 XSS of an endurance ride will be exactly identical to 80 XSS of high-intensity training. However, those using Xert will know that a high-intensity workout will likely leave them yellow for a day or two (assuming they’re starting from blue status), while an easy endurance ride will leave them in the blue.

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Well of course it is. But I think more options are better. So I can choose. I understand the nature of “recommendations” and of course choosing for XSS alone will alter the nature of the recommendations. But I though t the real value of Xert was that whatever rides you choose are factored into your signature, and the future recommendations.

No one would be REQUIRED to veer from the recommendations. No one would really be impacted by adding another filter factor for XSS (except the programmers who program it, and anyone who might one day like to find other rides easier). It wouldn’t impact YOU at all, for instance , and as it stands now it would just be another additional convenience. No impact to those who do not want to, or choose not to use it.

This is a little condescending. You are assuming that the only reason for veering from the recommendations is due to a lack of knowledge or experience with the platform. While this may be true in some cases , you neglect to include those who fully understand that an 80 XSS endurance ride ride will leave them blue and an 80 XSS high intensity will leave them yellow, AND want to choose the yellow that day, while maintaining the 80 XSS load.

But hey, It is certainly not necessary. It was just a convenience request. If no change is made, I’ll just continue to do it the long way to suit my personal training goals. :peace_symbol:

I think you are underestimating the effect it will have on the new user who doesn’t realize the relationship (yet). You’ll have inexperienced users chasing XSS deficit as their goal.
Many don’t realize carrying a deficit is normal and fundamental to the model. Give them a shortcut and they’ll take it without thinking about it.
In any case it appears it is on the to-do list. I hope it comes with a warning. :grinning:

Didn’t mean to be condescending - sorry. But like RR mentioned, I think there are plenty who may not understand the difference between the two - mostly because they’re not familiar with the concept of multi-dimensional Strain (XSS) that we summarize using the ‘Focus’ metric.

But yes, the workouts page is due for some updates in the near future anyways. An XSS filter could be something for us to consider working in as well - thanks for the feedback Craig!

A filter by stars on the IOS app would be nice to. As I get stronger I would like to have the ability to filter by starts and maybe try some more aggressive workouts. The only way I know this is possible is I have to change the ramp rate to be more aggressive. Has that been discussed at all? Is this a good idea?

Thank you!