Feedback Sport Omnium + powermeter VS smart trainer

Hi guys !

I currently own a feedback sport omnium and on one of my bike I have a crank powermeter. I used it last year for indoor training and it was fine. Finding gears was a bit tricky sometimes, but overall it was good. The Feedback can get up to 700-800 watts which is plenty enough for my trainings.

I got a second bike (CAAD12) that I want to train with this winter and I plan on getting a powermeter for it for next summer. Because I plan to race with it.

Also, I was using trainerroad for the past years but now I want to switch to Xert. So one of my reasons of wanting to get a powermeter is also because since my season is not finished, I will ride outsitde for a few weeks before going indoor.

So for this winter I wondered, if getting a powermeter for this bike (looking into the Favero Assioma) and continuing on my feedback sport or getting a smart trainer (looking for the KickR Core).

How much of a difference would it make to my training “gains” or “results” would I see between my feedback sport omnium + powermeter vs a KickR Core.

Thanks !

Hi @tbcossard ! Welcome to the forum.

I suspect that you’ll get a mix of recommendations based on everyone’s preferences, but perhaps I can be one of the folks to chime in…

I use the Favero Assioma pedals & Wahoo Kickr Rollr (similar in ways to the omnium you own). I have found that the slight side to side movement that the rollers allows makes longer indoor trainer rides in the winter months quite a bit more comfortable. In my opinion, I would recommend a power meter with a cheap(er) indoor trainer versus a premium trainer and no power meter to use outdoors. YMMV.

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