February 8 Update

Changes rolled out this evening:

  1. Brand new XFAI Set Up Wizard! :+1: More intuitive and makes better suggested improvements.
  2. New Activity/Workout Pinning - After assigning your training for a forecasted activity, use the Pin feature to keep it from being removed by Adapt Forecast :pushpin:
  3. Forecast AI will limit weekly hours based on your selection.
  4. Adapt Forecast is improved and magenta coloured days and Adapt Forecast button indicator should not show when the plan doesn’t need to be adapted. (Likely not 100% but should be a lot better.)
  5. Workout Autogeneration handles broader ranges and should reduce the difficulty of some combinations.
  6. Activity matching with Forecasted activties has been improved. Should work now for older activities as well as when activities are deleted and re-uploaded.
  7. You’ll get a nice new Strava XFAI Summary when your activity gets synced to Strava.

What’s next?

  1. Working on improvements to the AI optimization to better balance the intensity and duration of forecasted training activities over the plan and introduce the ability to maximize an outcome.
  2. Race option that allows you to select or upload a race file for analysis and use it to guide your target fitness and training goals.
  3. Monthly stats chart.
  4. Mobile web improvements.

Thanks for the update. So far following XFAI has been really good (if not without challenges but hey its beta). Have seen a ~20 bpm drop for the same zone 2 power after only 3 weeks.

Good to know, I’d just been ignoring it. That said, I just refreshed, hit adapt and still have the red dot and 3 magenta days. Cleared site cookies and data, went back in and same still true. Would running XFAI from scratch instead of adapt be an idea given the updates?

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I had a quick look and those don’t look too serious. Do send any issues you see to support@xertonline.com so we can better track and collect proper feedback. Thanks.

Does this mean you can set a target as ‘best TP I can reach given you xx,yy constraint’. Where xx and yy = hours per week, days of training?

That is the user case I would like to see as someone who doesn’t have any race or specific targets.

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That would be perfect!

Can you elaborate on this? Does this only work when using the Xert EBC app or will it work with all activities uploaded to Strava?

Wow, nice update. No more red button, magenta days and the pin workouts are great. The UI is much more understandable. Thank You!

This is what it looks like if you’re on a forecast ai plan. To get it to work, you need to have the ride sent to Xert first and let Xert send it to Strava:

It’s also extremely difficult to implement. As per your comment on the other thread, getting a workable estimate on how much low, high and peak XSS you can do in a given hour of training is key and this is focus/specificity/difficulty dependent, not just an average from a user’s riding history.

If you think about this more, what it means is that ultimately we are identifying what the very limits of fitness are for a given person and associating a training protocol for it.

If you’re only thinking about TP, you’ll be the slowest in the pack.

I’m glad you took my feedback onboard about the Setup UI :smile:

Couple of points about the update:

  • I noticed that the “pin” feature is not visible on the mobile UI - there doesn’t seem to be a way to get that “hover” menu to appear (consider always showing or revealing on tap?)
  • Any possibility of moving forecasted training days? This would be way more preferable than just ignoring a day you can’t do and manually creating a similar activity on another day, as it messes with the stats for weekly XSS. Planning availability then rerunning XFAI seems like way more effort than it needs to be.
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Thanks. But how is that working with Zwift? Syncing through Garmin first or a manual upload to Xert? AFAIK Xert can only get data from Xert EBC, Garmin Connect, Strava, and manual uploads.

YES! I wanted to thank you for those suggestions and looked for your post last night but couldn’t locate it. Thanks for replying.

There have been an number of users like yourself who’s feedback has been immensely valuable.

  1. Next update.
  2. It’s a bit of challenge since we need to keep track of what the plan is and reordering the plan can mess up many things. Best way is to choose something different on a given day, pin and Adapt Forecast.

I believe this user manually uploads them. Garmin doesn’t forward activities other than those recorded on Garmin devices and Zwift isn’t integrated with us yet (in discussions…)

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If you also could get today’s workout to automatically show up in Zwift… That would make it much easier to onboard new users who want to upgrade from freeriding in Zwift. Zwift already has a few integrations with other platforms, but it requires Zwift to implement them AFAIK.

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Yup. Need Zwift to meet us half-way.


Ahh right, I’ve been confused as hell because I’ve been trying to “Add an activity” rather “Choose Training”.

I think the UI needs a bit work there - it’s not so intuitive. The simplest solution for me us to make that hover menu always visible - it makes it much clearer that those options are related to that “block” not the day. Some alignment of iconography might help too - i.e. add activity and choose training are really the same thing, just one already has a block there (and is XFAI controlled) and the other doesn’t. Maybe watermark/tag the training block as XFAI? I will have a think.

FYI - Intervals.ICU made this workaround for Zwift:

Thanks for the update. I’ve noticed some weird behaviour with the training setup wizard in that there are discontinuities when increasing the event duration with the slider such that the training target signature jumps down when the event readiness increments to the next whole number. For example, say event readiness is 2 for a duration of 4 hours with target threshold of +10 watts, when duration is increased to (say) 4.15, event readiness jumps to 3 and target threshold goes back down to +0. Surely this cannot be right and why would anyone want a training plan that doesn’t improve their signature? Does the event readiness need to be user selected and then anchored like the other parameters?

That’s the intended behaviour. Essentially it says you can’t do a 4:15 event as a 2 and need to move to a 3 and that’s less training. Perhaps increase your available hours or move the date out.