Erratic TP

I was on trial and my TP was showing about 280. Other Apps show FTP about 290 so that’s fairly close.
I decided to subscribe and because of that, I can synchronise more data, so I synchronised back to 2019 when I started cycling. My TP dropped to about 250.
I then reset the account and reduced the data synch to just 3 months and now TP is back up at about 270.
Why would older data (when I was actually fitter) reduce the TP?

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I’m fairly new to the app and I’m sure more experienced users will come to help.

It’s probably the decay. When you upload older data with gaps Xert will think you are not training and decay your signature.

You with that signature are in the perfect position to try some BTs.

Try a few longer ones (6 min?) And then a few ones with shorter duration. There is a chance that with fewer data points a short duration (30sec) first can through your sig off.

Xert is data driven. More info you give the better.

Have some fun trying some BTs!


As @MadTuna suggests it could be decay is a factor with more data imported but your signature values will settle in regardless as more BT events occur.
TP isn’t necessarily the same as FTP although many users report similar numbers.
A traditional FTP test doesn’t measure the same values as what Xert is looking to determine your fitness signature

There are lots of newbie tips posted in this thread if you haven’t read it already –
Beginner questions - Support - Xert Community Forum (

If you do decide to add the historical data back you can likely figure out what caused the difference by reviewing the data under Activities, Table. Or file a support request with and they’ll review your data and make an adjustment if necessary.

Your signature explains your fitness not just your TP. You may get a reduction in TP, for example, with an increase in HIE giving you higher power for shorter efforts.

Thanks all for your insights. I guess I just need to get a more regular training program going so XERT has some sensible numbers to work with.