Endurance training sessions long enough?

I’m working through a long Beta training plan, aiming for the Dartmoor Classic sportive at the end of June, the best plan it could find for me is working toward xxs of 344, however I am expecting the ride to be around 7hr, at me current endurance pace, xxs would be 420 or more (109 miles, 9000 odd ft of elevation, and several 20% gradients). The longest training ride it has for me in the plan is just a little more than 3h. Should I ignore some suggestions and fit in longer rides to get used to the longer distance?
I did an Everesting several years back, and the longest training ride for that was half, but I’m less fit, and a lot older now😂. Cheers.

I believe Xert will assume a very similar training effect for:

  • Day 1: 420 XSS
  • Day 2: rest day


  • Day 1: 210 XSS
  • Day 2: 210 XSS

In order to schedule longer days, make sure you set your availability for those days (e.g. to 5-7 hours for Saturday/Sunday). If you have enough time, XSS deficit, and are fresh enough it will schedule a long ride.

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Mathematically speaking, I believe the first option would be better for increasing your training load(s), since deeper fatigue recovers more quickly (because training status/form is exponentially weighted moving average.

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