Elite after cycling holiday

This year I used Xert to train for a bikepacking trip of 1600km which I did in Juli.
Before the trip I did approx 10-12 hrs/wk training and my Training Form was “Competitive” (3 stars).
During my trip I did mainly long, low intensity rides.
Now after my trip my Training Form increased to 4 stars (Elite).

The problem now is that I also get 4 stars workouts which I am unable to finish.
Furthermore according to my ATA I am supposed to train a least 19 hrs/wk to keep up my TP which is more or less back at the level from before my trip.

I feel like the long days in the saddle during the bikepacking trip gave Xert the wrong impression that 19hrs a week are quite normal and required for me to reach my toplevel.
Any clues how to deal with this (besides me going training for 19hrs/week doing 4 star workouts :-)).

You currently have a phased progression active with a positive ramp rate (Slow).
If August 31st is an imaginary TED, remove it by changing ATP to Continuous. That will take you out of Peak phase.
Change IR to Taper while you establish your reduced TL. It will take 2 weeks before XATA recognizes a new pattern and considers it your “recent training history”. At that point change IR to Maintenance if you want to float around that weekly commitment.
Use Filter and select 3 diamond workouts if 4’s are too tough.
In Continuous mode with a maintenance ramp rate, you’re in control of how often tackle HIIT workouts when predicted form is fresh. Change Athlete Type to mix things up or use Filter to select from other focus durations. IOW consider XATA guidelines, but ride as you please. Ditto for days off and recovery rides.


Thanks for your very clear explaination and guidelines. Much appreciated!
I updated accordingly and just wait and see if things get back to normal :slight_smile:


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