Easiest way to upload Zwift events to Xert

Hi all- new Xert user here. From my forum lurking, I understand the limitations around not being able to auto sync Zwift → Xert → Strava. I tried going through Garmin Connect, but then learned that if syncing from Zwift → Garmin Connect, Garmin Connect will not then push the file to Xert.

It appears that until Zwift starts auto-syncing with Xert, there has to be some manual steps involved. It seems like Run Gap might be the easiest alternative, but I’m not willing to pay for that.

I’m wondering what most people do as the next best (free) option for getting fit files from Zwift to Xert to Strava. Do you export from your Zwift feed and manually upload to Xert on your desktop? I just want to ensure I’m not overlooking some easier process for syncing! Cheers.

Hi Lars, welcome to the Xert community! You’re pretty much spot on. While some apps can push activities to Garmin Connect, GC will only sync activities recorded from a Garmin device to 3rd party apps (like Xert).

I also do some of my training in Zwift, so I can comment about how I handle it:

  • My Zwift is set to sync automatically to Garmin. I also have Strava, but I prefer to have my rides uploaded to Strava from Xert, so I get the neat Text summary & Forecast AI Training Report.
  • After completing a ride on either my Mac or AppleTV, I head to the Zwift website (activity feed) & download the original .fit file, which I upload directly to Xert.
  • From there, Xert analyzes it & pushes to Strava, along with text & training report. You may need to rename the activity (if you want to retain the group ride/race/workout activity title), as Xert will apply a standard name to uploaded files (difficulty, specificity, focus - e.g. difficult mixed pursuiter ride). I just copy/paste the title from Zwift.
  • :point_up: All that takes me about ~30s on my laptop after my weekly group ride

On this note… Zwift has announced that they will be opening up their training API, making it easier for more 3rd party apps (like Xert) to make it easier to integrate training programs & sync completed activities. It’s something that we will be monitoring moving forward, as we have a number of Xerters who do much of their training in Zwift :slight_smile:

Thanks for the detailed response. I’ve been following the same process (ie: manually uploading the fit file to Xert, auto-syncing to Strava, then re-naming the event etc.). Good to know I haven’t overlooked any simpler process (that avoids me logging on to my desktop) in the meantime!

Good news re Zwift opening up their training API. For what it’s worth, I also went over to the Zwift feature request forum to pester them about allowing auto-syncing to Xert. :laughing:

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An alternative is to dual record, and keep the same sync as for outside rides (garmin to Xert to Strava). I then also sync directly from Zwift to Strava (for the map, ride pics and videos, name, group details etc)… you end up with two Strava entries but it’s easy to delete one… I find that easier with less manual steps. Does mean Xert has zero distance but I don’t track distance in Xert…